Professor Yang Young-ran Wins Award in AIDS Research
Professor Yang Young-ran Wins Award in AIDS Research
  • 승인 2017.01.02 10:54
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Professor Yang Young-ran in the Department of Nursing has received an award for an excellent paper in 2016 Asian Nursing Research. Professor Yang had a research presentation about “Cambodian married men’s detection and adaptation of HIV infection” with Roshna Thapa, who is a student in the master’s course. This research is for the understanding of Cambodia’s AIDS diffusion. Through intensive interviews with HIV male infectees, professor Yang found out HIV’s discovery process and exposure. Professor Yang said, “During interviews with infectees, they accept their fate positively to put in the effort for their children’s lives. HIV infection is not the end of life, but can be used for development of HIV infection adaptation programs and of policies for the early detection of HIV.”

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