Maturity Moving beyond Growth -An Interview with the Chief of the Office of Admission
Maturity Moving beyond Growth -An Interview with the Chief of the Office of Admission
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CBNU has been selected as the best university by the Ministry of Education

(MOE) since 2008 in terms of contributing to normalizing high school education. CBNU has also been praised for its fair admission methods. Do you know who works for this? To get more information, the CBNU Globe met Choi Young-jun, the Chief of the Office of Admission.

Can you briefly introduce the Office of Admission?
Basically, the Office of Admission focuses on selecting new students. For this, we make various admission methods and appraise the admission standard continually. Furthermore, we devise promotion strategies for high school students and some admission officers visit high schools and explain CBNU’s admission method in more detail. Many undergraduates often misunderstand that the Office of Admission only works toward selecting new students. However, we also support undergraduates in many ways, like transfers and law school or medical school admission. Moreover, we keep consulting freshmen from the time of adapting to their new environment to employment.

For the Office of Admission, it is one of the most important jobs to create new admission methods. What do you put a high value on when you make admission methods?
The fairness of admission is very important. For this, we convene a subcommittee and fair admission commission at ordinary times. In these commissions, we discuss countermeasures against illicit admissions or cheating on an examination. Furthermore, we develop various admission methods which reflect the characteristics of applicants and arrange many admission officers. We also inspect admission methods and admission officers autonomously. In particular, when an entrance examinee complains about an admission method, we make a thorough investigation about that.

CBNU has been praised for high school-university connected programs. In particular, the Ministry of Education (MOE) selects these programs as contributing to normalizing high school education. Can you introduce these programs?
CBNU runs various high school-university connected programs. In these programs, high school students can map out their career paths and experience university life indirectly. In detail, CBNU admission officers visit high schools and they give some advice for high school students. Also, they simulate a real admission interview. In particular, many high school students want to join the CBNU Study Group (SG) Program. In this program, around five high school students make a team and they solve problems together which are given by a CBNU professor. To solve questions, they should clip newspapers, discuss the solutions, and even do experiments sometimes. At first, only some high school students in Jeonbuk joined the SG program. However, now more than 110 high school students who live in other regions join SG program actively.

In comparison with the past applicants, nowadays, high school students would have many differences. What is the first difference that you realized?
First of all, many high school students tended to apply to several popular departments in former times. However, recently, most applicants know their life plans more clearly and apply for various departments which are proper to make their dreams come true. Furthermore, the rate of applicants who live in other regions like Gyeonggi-do or Chungcheong-do is increasing continuously. In accordance with these changes, we are planning to make new admission methods like finding globally talented students.

In September, many high school students apply for CBNU in earnest. Do you have any special words for high-school students who are interested in CBNU?
I think applicants can find various admission methods on our website or brochures easily. Of course, it is important to find an admission method which is proper for them. However, I really hope that applicants have their purpose in mind clearly. Even though they have high grades, if they do not have a clear purpose, it is hard to adapt to the new environment. In particular, CBNU conducts many adventurous programs like Residential College and Off-Campus. I hope that many applicants can join these programs with their firm visons after becoming CBNU students.

Did you learn the many jobs of the Office of Admission? As you can see, the Office of Admission strives for promoting CBNU and also supports undergraduates in many ways. In this moment, they are working to make CBNU better. From now on, why don’t you pay attention to the Office of Admission?

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