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Me & Myself
2016년 09월 01일 (목) 10:44:32 GLOBE globe@jbnu.ac.kr



I’m always a bit fearful to bring up my personal life as the subject matter of a conversation or a written paper to the public. It can easily be judged and evaluated by anonymous outsiders. Nevertheless, the reason why I wanted to address me and myself as the topic is because I wanted to speak out the message of “knowing and loving yourself.”
Let me ask you a simple question. How well do you know yourself?. It is an easy question, but difficult to answer. How come we cannot answer this question with utmost certainty? That is because we do not put much time into discovering ourselves. In this fast-changing world, there is no time for “me.” We rather strive to calculate the last digit of our bank account. The knowledge toward yourself is as important as your TOEIC score or knowledge on your major.
To make this article a bit more interesting, I conducted a simple survey. The survey was done by my closest five friends who knew me since high school. They were asked to write freely about what kind of person I was from their view. While my friends were writing their thoughts about me, I wrote what kind of person I thought I was. After we all wrote our answers, I slowly read all of the writings. I knew it was always a pleasure to read others thoughts, but I really enjoyed reading what others thought about me. The result was quite striking. The individual answer that my friends wrote was quite similar. There were repetitive words like “responsible,” “works hard,” “passionate,” “humane,” “tries to listen and understand others,” and more. On the other hand, I had written words like “reserved,” “straight forward,” “honest,” “introverted,” and ”likes planning.” There was a big difference between what I thought and what others thought about me. From this result, I felt that I was a person who had a much deeper and more diverse meaning and that I should not lock myself up in some kind of frame without knowing.
We sometimes forget that many of the things that currently dominate us were actually invented to make our lives more convenient. For example, theories and ideology or technologies all exist not to rule us, but to make our lives better. However, you should be the one to defend all of yourself from the reckless world outside with all kinds of exterior things. In other words, the one thing that matters the most is you. You yourself, as an individual with unique traits and personality, have all the rights to be cherished and dealt with as precious. Remember to know yourself and know that there is nothing more important than you. I really hope that every one of you who are reading this will have the heart to love yourself and keep trying to learn who you are.

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