Do Not Look Back!
Do Not Look Back!
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Summer sunlight makes us frown. You can be certain that the heat will not disappear easily from you. Therefore, we will introduce some ways to avoid the heat. Why don’t you sweep away your heat through horror? Let’s go to the horror world.

- Who Makes People Tremble Most with Fear?
The “Ghost of an Unmarried Women” (CheonyeoGwishin) from Korea bears many grudges. Therefore, even though these ghosts are dead, they cannot leave this world and are cruel to people. The “Frozen Corpse” (Jiangshi) is from China. Many children were scared of this ghost because of how it moved. Jiangshi is said to move around by hopping with its arms stretched forward. The “Oni” is a Japanese ghost. It is a generic term for hideous ghosts or ghost jailers who punish the dead in the Hell of Buddhism. Turning further West, Chucky is a doll that appears in the American movie Child’s Play. In the movie, a heinous murderer’s soul enters into this doll and the doll commits murder. Chucky always revives whenever he dies. Dracula is a vampire. He appears in Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula. He is based on a real person, Vlad the Impaler, who was from Romania. A zombie is a dead body that a voodoo sorcerer revives. It has a human shape, but it is rotten because it is a corpse. 

- It Will Make Your Hair Curl!
Here are some recommended horror movies or books!

Descent is a fake documentary movie. Enclosed space makes the development of the story more chilling. In the movie, an unknown creature which seems like a human or bat appears sometimes, and its skin is very horrible to see. This movie is a low-budget film but has high quality. If you are looking for a highly cost-effective, we recommend this.
Paranormal Activity is called the king of reality horror movies.
The movie’s viewpoint, which seemed to be taken with a camcorder, maximizes realism. It is about paranormal phenomena which occur in an ordinary family’s house. They take a video to reveal the cause of the phenomena. However, they see something unbelievable in the video.
Eden Lake is an unusual movie. If you want to feel unusual fear, you had better see this movie. This movie shows that humans are more dangerous than ghosts. The uncomfortable feeling will not disappear for a long time even after the movie is finished.
The Shining is a book which was written by Stephen King. If you want to know what will happen when the dark side of humanity comes out, read it. It will show you everything, more than you can imagine. It was also made into a movie.
M.I.A Disappearance on the Operation is a web-toon in which a platoon with eleven members goes to the DMZ, and when they go to Guard Post, something mysterious happens in the enclosed space. However, the dark mood, characters’ faces with fear, and horrible dead bodies will make your hair stand on end.

- You Can Feel Frightened thorough Skin
The Haunted House
Most people have gone to the haunted house in an amusement park at least once when they were young. However, the decoration always differs by the theme of the haunted house. Some haunted houses would be decorated with ghost dolls that suddenly appear and horrible heads that have long hair. Also, they can be decorated with ghost machines with movable arms and legs. However, in some haunted houses, there are people who dress as ghosts and chase you. They are also decorated with various themes like secret laboratory, the Joseon Dynasty period, or Gothic style.

Horror Café
If you are tired of common café dates, we recommend a horror café. These cafés have a dark and spooky atmosphere. These moods, like those of the haunted house, make you scared, and you will have a sense of closeness with each other when you visit there.

Zombie Race
You can run with zombies like a scene from many zombie movies through the Zombie Race. In this festival, you can join as a human runner or a zombie. The runner has to run and solve missions to reach the destination and to avoid zombies. The zombie’s role is disturbing this. While joining the race, runner participants can feel thrilled and zombie participants can feel pleasure by dressing as zombies.

Did you enjoy the horror? This summer, let’s wash away the heat through horror features instead of sitting in front of the fan or air conditioner at home. Horror movies, books, comic books and experiences incite your curiosity even though you get scared by them. However, if you feel fear when you enjoy this content, do not look back. Nobody knows who is behind you.

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