Chonbuk National University's first professor of foreign
Chonbuk National University's first professor of foreign
  • Kim Dan-bi reporter
  • 승인 2009.09.15 12:59
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This year, CBNU employed a foreign professor to reform education conditions and enhance the university’s competitive power. He is Dr. Seralathan Kamalakannan, from India. Now he is a professor in the Department of Biotechnology. Many Geonjians may not know him well because the department belongs to the Iksan campus.
The CBNU Globe will introduce him to Geonjians through this interview.
1)What university did you go to, and what was your major?
I did my studies in the University of Madras, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, and my major was Applied Microbiology-Applied Geology (an interdisciplinary degree).
2)In India, what did you do?
After completing my master’s degree, I had worked as a lecturer for undergraduate students for one year. After that, I continued my doctoral studies and was awarded a doctorate in Applied Microbiology-Applied Geology.    
3) What made you come to Chonbuk National University?
Chonbuk National University is one of the most reputable National Universities in Korea. Moreover, I got impressed with the research papers which were published from Prof. Kui-Jae Lee’s Laboratory, so I started my postdoctoral position at Chonbuk National University in July 2006.
4)To improve the educational condition and to boost the competitiveness of the school, CBNU hired two new professors. And you became the first foreign professor in CBNU. What do you feel about this?
First, I would like to thank the authorities of Chonbuk National University for giving me an opportunity. I am very happy and proud to work for Chonbuk National University, and I will do my best to bring CBNU to be one of the best Universities in Korea.
5)What’s your impression of Korean, and especially CBNU, students?
I have been in the university for the past 3 years and really the students are very good, friendly, and affectionate. I have seen that some of the students have fear to talk with the foreigners; I think they should come out from that to improve their verbal communication.
6) What’s the difference between your country’s research environment and Chonbuk National University's research environment?
To my knowledge there is not much difference as far as the research environment is concerned because most of the laboratories in India are also well-equipped with almost all kinds of advanced equipments based on their research need.  
6)Do you live with your family? If you don’t, do you sometimes get homesick?
I am living with my family. But, sometimes I get homesick.Then, I am trying to change my mind set.
7)Finally, what do you want to say to the CBNU students?
To my knowledge I found that the young students are not taking up higher studies. So, I encourage the young and bright students to take up higher studies and do some novel research for the betterment of their country’s development.
After meeting him, he was very kind and witty. He looked happy to teach and study with young students. We expect CBNU to advance development with his ambition and experimental mind.
He is…
Dr. SERALATHAN KAMALAKANNAN was born on 22nd March, 1977.
He graduated from Kandaswamy Kandar College, which is one of the reputed colleges in Tamil Nadu.
He served CBNU since 2006.
He is now a professor in the College of Environmental & Bioresource Sciencesof Chonbuk National University

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