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Is There Anyone Who Orders Jajangmyeon?
2015년 09월 09일 (수) 10:29:38 GLOBE globe@jbnu.ac.kr

Korea’s delivery culture is famous for its quickness and convenience. The number of double-income families and the frequency of eating out are increasing. For these reasons, food delivery services are especially popular. Lots of foreigners are surprised that delivery is possible no matter where the place is.

 Development of Korean Delivery Culture
Lots of people use delivery services such as parcel delivery service, online market delivery service, quick delivery service, and food delivery service. Recently, the online market delivery service has been useful to people who don’t have time to go to the market or who will buy many things that can’t be brought by themselves. In this way, delivery service is common and useful to Koreans.

-1980’s: Delivery service was only for Chinese food and milk.
-1990’s: It expanded to various items such as chicken and pizza. At this time, food delivery service increased rapidly. Lots of stores operated delivery instead of putting tables inside a small store because of high store rent.
-After 2000’S: With the huge fast food development, the delivery service market has grown. Now food delivery service applications have become very popular; it is the so-called “delivery service golden age.”

Modern Delivery System
Lots of people are curious about the delivery service system. Let’s see a quick delivery service that represents systematic delivery service.

① Choose between internet order or telephone order. Tell your address, telephone number, product to be sent, and destination. Finally, select the delivery method among urgent, general, and discount.
② Assign a delivery driver who is near to departure using the GPS System. The driver, who has, received the information from a PDA (Personal Digital Assistant), receives the product from the customer and departs to the destination.
③ The driver uses the navigation system of the PDA to avoid traffic jams.
④ When the delivery is finished, the driver sends the information to the central dispatch, which sends a text message to the customer when the delivery is finished.

Delivery Application
Have you ever seen a TV commercial which shows a comic situation about the delivery system? The commercial is about a delivery application. By using a delivery application, you can easily find the restaurants around your current position and know how customers evaluate those restaurants. This delivery application is two-sided in terms of users: restaurant owners and customers.

- Restaurant owners
Restaurant owners can promote their own restaurants in an easy way. They just sign up on the application website and upload pictures of the menu. Then, information of their own store can be offered to customers who really want to enjoy the owners’ restaurants. Flyers, which are one of the most traditional forms of promotion, are distributed to everyone, including people who don’t want the information. Therefore, a delivery application is a more efficient to promote their restaurants.
Nonetheless, there are some problems. When owners want to use a delivery application, the high charge can be a burden. Generally, it costs about a 4 to 6% charge for each order. If the delivery application becomes more popular, its company can increase the charge. For this reason, several application companies which impose low or no commission are more popular.

- Customers
Customers can search various dishes and order in a convenient way. Just several touches can easily find what theywant to eat. They can also use credit cards without the delivery restaurant’s refusal. However, due to commission from the application, restaurant owners provide less food for orders with the application compared to orders made by phone. To make matters worse, the delivered food would look poorer than pictures uploaded on the application.
Restaurant owners may put phone orders in front of application orders. Therefore, the wise customers search through the menu with their smartphone then order by phone.

 Future Delivery Technology
A drone, which is a small helicopter operable by remote control, is the most promising thing in the future of delivery technology. It makes it possible to deliver to further distances and with short delay. Domino’s Pizza has released a video clip delivering pizza with a drone on YouTube. One of the chain stores in Russia started a delivery service with drones, too. The drone has some stability problems like crashing into obstacles in the city, falling while it delivers fragile goods, or being hacked. Nevertheless, the market of drones is growing.

The Korean nature of “hurry, hurry” makes Korea’s delivery system more advanced. The delivery system is not only rapid but also comfortable. Those two features fit modern people’s lifestyles. For these reasons, Korea’s delivery culture leads as the best delivery system. However, there are still negative aspects in modern delivery systems. If you are aware of the negative sides, you can enjoy the desirable advantages. Let’s enjoy Korea’s delivery culture wisely.

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