Foundation to Be a True Teacher
Foundation to Be a True Teacher
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-The College of Education

Have you ever thought about becoming a middle- or high school teacher? If so, focus on this section. In this issue, we will find out about the College of Education. In particular, this college has the highest pass rate in the teacher certification examination and has an excellent reputation. Let's go inside and look more closely in the College of Education!

l Introduction to the College of Education
The College of Education is an institution that teaches each subject with expertise and produces competent teachers. This college was founded for creative education in 1972. It consists of ten departments and a division. They comprise language, social studies, education, natural sciences, and physical education. They were organized with the purpose of developing abilities and excellent attributes in teachers.
The College of Education has ten departments: the departments of Korean Education, German Education, English Education, General Education, Ethics Education, Geography Education, History Education, Social Studies Education, Mathematics Education, and Physical Education. Also, there is the Division of Science Education. It consists of four majors: Chemistry Education, Biology Education, Physics Education, and Earth Science Education.

l Unique Events in the College of Education
1. The Department of Korean Education
The Department of Korean Education has two activities: “Girin Journal” and club activities. Girin Journal is the result of all activities in the Department of Korean Education. It is published without a particular form once a year. It provides useful information about employment and the experience of teaching and it shows seniors’ work. Next are club activities. The students in the Classic Club read classic works that are chosen arbitrarily. They share their thoughts and investigate the works more deeply. The Criticism Club engages in free debates without formality. The Language club researches dialects of rural areas. During vacations, the members of the Language Club visit particular areas and explore unusual dialects. In the Creating Club, students write their own literary piece.
2. The Department of Education
The Department of Education implements ST (Sentimental Training), which is a workshop with students and professors, for three days. They conduct psychological inspection and counseling. Through ST, they can know their conditions and learn how to conduct a consultation. Also, they have an opportunity to learn the principles of psychology.
3. Division of Science Education
The Division of Science Education has two special events. One is the Science Festival, and the other is Colloquium. The Science Festival is held annually. Students of the Division of Science Education participate in this festival, and each major develops ten items. Displaying their items, they provide chances for audiences to understand science in life easily. Also, students can apply their knowledge of the major to real life, developing new items. In Colloquium, experts give lectures about specific themes every two weeks. Through this, students learn scientific principles more deeply and can broaden their thoughts.
4. Department of Mathematics Education
The Mathematics Exhibition is to show mathematical teaching aids that are made by students for elementary, middle, and high school students. This is held for two weeks in October. Students can realize principles by grasping them and be interested in mathematics. Also, students in the Department of Mathematics Education can have valuable experiences and an opportunity to compensate for their deficiencies.

l The Process of Becoming a Teacher
When you enter the school, you must take the required subjects as all departments do. The College of Education is more special than other colleges. ”Teaching Practicum” is a mandatory course needed for graduation for students majoring in Education, and it is conducted in the senior year for four weeks. However, the most important thing to be a teacher is to pass the teacher’s certification examination. Then, you can be a teacher in a public or private school.

<An Interview with Cho Su–hun, a student in the Department of Chemistry Education>
Chonbuk National University High School is an institution that belongs to the College of Education. This school has activities related to this college. Teaching practice is a part of the activities. Some students of this college teach various subjects in this high school. How did they feel when they had a teaching practice?
-How was your first teaching practice?
I was already a student. But I taught through a teaching practice which was conducted in May 2013. I was so nervous that I couldn’t sleep the day before the teaching practice started. Also, I was shaking when I introduced myself. As time went on, I could adjust to a strange environment and got a vigorous energy from students. Now, when I look back at that time, I was an insufficient teacher. It is an experience that I will never forget.

l The Challenge and Remarkable Result
1) Global Bridge Program
The Global Bridge Program’s purpose is to educate elementary school and middle school students of multi-cultural families because they have difficulties when they grow, such as identity and educational problems. The Global Bridge Program at CBNU teaches math and science, and there is a mentoring program. Students in the College of Education who are recommended by their professors and selected as mentors gain a middle role connecting professors and students of the multi-cultural families.
2) Annual High Ranking on the Teacher Certification Exam
The College of Education has ranked high on the teacher certification exam in 2014 and2015. 149 students passed the exam in 2014 and 169 students passed the exam in 2015. The rate has increased. There are lots of reasons for the high rate of ranking. In particular, the College of Education operates a preparation class called ‘Hakisajae’. This class is inside the Woolim Injaedeungyonggwan building, which is a place for students who study for the teacher certification examination. Hakisajae classes are on the second floor, and there are four classes and 139 seats to study. They offer video lectures and mock tests. Specific education in the College of Education is a big motivator for the teacher certification examination.

<An Interview with Lee Jeong-ae, Dean of the College of Education>
1. What do you think is the biggest pride of the College of Education?
Since the College of Education was founded in 1972, the College of Education has acted in a role as a teacher training institute. The graduates are doing active work a;; over the country as well as in Jeollabuk-do as teachers, principals, and school vice-commissioners.
2. Why do you think that the teacher certification examination pass rate of the College of Education is so high?
First, the College of Education supports pedagogy lectures one-on-one. Second, in summer vacation or winter vacation professors provide special lectures. Third, the College of Education guides group studies for the examination and shares advice and experiences of seniors with students.
3. Please give some advice to students of the College of Education.
Your grade on the teacher certification examination is as good as your preparation. Therefore, if you prepare the exam starting in your freshman year, you can pass the exam! Have courage and confidence. Also, balance the study with various college experiences such as volunteer work, travel, andlocal cultural events.

l Not Only a Teacher but Something Else!
The College of Education’s main purpose is to produce middle school and high school teachers. Most people think that the College of Education’s students must be teachers. However, the College of Education students have lots of career opportunities beyond being a teacher. The Department of German Education students can always be German teachers, but they can also work at a German company or in a company which needs a person who can speak German. The College of Education students can be educational researchers, public education officials, professors, and so on. Below, the graph shows the approximate situation of the College of Education students’ jobs.

We hope this answers all your curiosity about the College of Education. The College of Education seems to be full of energy for learning and teaching. From now on, why don't you show concern for the College of Education?

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