Heal the Body, Feel the Heart:
Heal the Body, Feel the Heart:
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The College of Nursing

Do you know which college at CBNU is the farthest from the CBNU Old Gate? Can you guess what this college is? It is the College of Nursing! How much do you know about the College of Nursing besides the fact that they are being trained to become nurses? The College of Nursing achieved a high state exam pass rate and the employment rate of students is 100 percent. In this issue, you can explore the College of Nursing, which has excellent faculty and high tech facilities.

 Introduction to the College of Nursing
The College of Nursing is a college that has courses for specialized training and education about nursing. The College of Nursing has a deep history of nurtung a high quality of human resources by starting a training school of nursing in Jeollabuk-do in 1942. With the exclusion of the Faculty Course in Nursing, this college has five graduate courses: the postgraduate school master course, the postgraduate school doctoral program, the course of specializing geriatric nurses, the course for certified oncology nurses, and the course for hospice special nurses. Furthermore, it is fostering competent persons not only to work domestically but also to spread out over the world.
 What Are They Learning?
- Child Nursing: Child Nursing is for both children who are not perfect in the body or mind and their families. The point of learning Child Nursing is the fact that a child is not a complete man. The child has lots of differences compared to an adult. The main distinct characteristic of child nursing considers the developmental condition. When a child is a patient, he or she grows and changes in body and character. Consequently, the degrees of disease and defect are changed according to the process of development of a child.
- Adult Health Nursing: This subject is a scientific subject based on the health of an adult body. The students learn about the general methods to care for all, from the young patients to the old. They learn not only the theory of surgical management but also the real physical situation in adults. Moreover, the subject deals with the specific diseases like abrasion, cancer, infection, and general agony of adults. Adult Health Nursing has lots of features and conditions that are contrary to children nursing because an adult is a whole creature that has ended its growth.
- Gerontological Nursing: As the population of old people increases, the role of gerontology changes to be a more important part of nursing. The key word in the gerontological nursing is the aging process of man. As the life span of man has been extended by development in medical technology, the gerontological nursing becomes more detailed and specialized.
- Simulated Nursing: The nursing students of junior level generally go out to practice nursing. For helping with this practical training, they learn about simulation in a real situation. Through learning simulated nursing, students learn the way of increasing safety and security of patients and skill to handle the patients without difficulties.

 The Specialized Events Only Seen in the College of Nursing
- The Nightingale Pledge: The Nightingale ceremony is an event that celebrates and honors the work of Florence Nightingale, who is the pioneer of modern nursing. Before going out to practice nursing, the students of junior level should swear to clean up their attitudes toward patients and to do their best. After the Pledge of the Nightingale, the student nurses grow their capacities and sacrificing mentalities as nurses experienced in clinical training in hospitals. Let’s listen to their oaths in the Pledge of Nightingale.
< Before God and those assembled here, I solemnly pledge. To adhere to the code of ethics of the nursing profession. To co-operate faithfully with the other members of the nursing team and to carry out faithfully and to the best of my ability the instructions of the physician or the nurse who may be assigned to supervise my work. I will not do anything evil or malicious and I will not knowingly give any harmful drug or assist in malpractice. I will not reveal any confidential information that may come to my knowledge in the course of my work. And I pledge myself to do all in my power to raise the standards and prestige of the practice of nursing. May my life be devoted to service and to the high ideals of the nursing profession.>

- The Athletic Meeting of Boys: In fact, most students of the College of Nursing are girls owing to the feature of the job. Compared to the number of girls in the College, the College has only a small minority of male students. Therefore, the male students promote their friendship through playing sports together. Once a year, they hold an athletic meeting only for the males. In the athletic meeting, the male students play a match of football, basketball and foot volleyball. Though it is just a small meeting among the male students, this meeting makes them close.
- The Festival of the Nightingale: There is a Festival of the Nightingale with the students of 13 Colleges of Nursing in Jeollabuk-do. This festival is held only in Jeonllabuk-do, where students in nursing gather and join together. This festival is held every two years and the hosting college is changed each time. The nursing students who participate in the festival have different names of colleges, appearances, and sexes. However, they have the same purpose for becoming nurses. Moreover, they share and carry out their distress about the study of school subjects after getting acquainted with each other through the festival.

 A Wide Range of Career Opportunities for the College of Nursing
There are a lot of career opportunities for Nursing College graduates. Aren't you curious about what they are doing?
Most students of the Nursing College want to be nurses. To be a nurse, they must pass the nurses’ state exam after they major in nursing in junior college or four-year course college. When they pass their exam, which is administered by the National Health Personnel Licensing Examination Board, they get a nursing license. If they get the license, they can work at a general hospital, university hospital, or private hospital. They get a nursing teacher license through which they can take a teacher employment exam if they complete a course in teacher education in the College of Nursing. If they pass this exam, they can work in elementary, middle, and high school health rooms. In addition, they can get jobs in health centers, social welfare facilities, postnatal care centers, company dispensaries, and so on.

<An Interview with Choi Dae-ho, a junior in the College of Nursing>
1. What do you think is the advantage or charm of the College of Nursing?
I think that the highest merit is high employment. Nowadays, many students want to enter the College of Nursing because it is so hard to find a job.
2. What was the most memorable moment while attending the class?
I remember that I saw a human cadaver. I even saw a dissected human body. I touched the cadaver's eye, nose, tooth and so on. I thought it would smell very bad, but there was barely any smell because it was chemically treated. It felt like touching a rubber thing. I will never forget that experience easily.
3. Please give some advice to freshmen of the College of Nursing.
There are a lot of reasons why you go to the College of Nursing. Maybe, most students of the College of Nursing keep employment in mind. You have to remember that it is not easy to learn nursing because there are many unfamiliar terms or difficult textbooks. Many people avoid learning anything new. But what you need most is hard work and sheer tenacity.

 Curious Things about the College of Nursing
1. I was a liberal arts student in high school. Isn't it difficult to study nursing?
It is often said that studying nursing is very hard. It is especially hard to understand most of the biology and chemistry you've never ever heard of. Therefore, if you were a liberal arts student in high school, studying biology and chemistry is helpful to you. Whether you succeed or fail in scholastic result depends on how hard you try.
2. Do they get money while they have practical training at the hospital?
No. The students will not get payment for practical training because they learn work experience. They rather pay expenditures for experimentation in practical training.

Up until now, we have learned about the College of Nursing. The College of Nursing seems to be peaceful and full of passion. Maybe you have seen nurses flitting through the hospital wards. The nurse tends the sick with all his or her heart. Being a nurse is very rewarding. Cheer up, College of Nursing students!

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