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Finally, it’s the start of a new semester. For some of you, it is the first step into CBNU! Unlike in high school, nobody tells you what to do in university. However, we have these four seniors to introduce you to successful campus life! Here come Suzi, Yommy, Geun-ji, and Geonzi!

 Suzi: Break the fantasy of being a freshman; face a real campus life!
Hey, cute, sweet freshmen! Nice to meet you! I’m Suzi, a junior as known as a goddess in CBNU. Have you ever had fantasies about campus life? Do you think of campus life as getting together on a lawn and singing songs along with guitar? No way! Now let me tell you about real side of campus life!

The freshman says “…”

Suzi says “…”

If I enter the university, I’ll study and eat lunch on the lawn in the warm sunlight.

Nope! If you sit on the grass, the only thing you’ll hear from the campus police is “Get out!” Plus, most of the students avoid sitting on the lawn because of the disease Tsutsugamushi.

I will be able to have a boy- or girlfriend.





I cannot be sure about that. If you are majoring in engineering, most of the students will be boys. The College of Humanities has exactly the opposite gender rate. So you have to try!

 My high school teacher said to me, “If you go to  university, you will lose weight naturally.”



There is a lot of delicious food around the campus. I decide to go on a diet “tomorrow” all the time.

I long for the free atmosphere of campus life. In particular, I will only study my favorite subject.

Yes, I agree that there is lots of freedom in campus life. However, you should use the free time efficiently. First, you can choose the lecture that you will listen to and learn. If you failed to do the course registration, your timetable could have many blank spaces.

Are the answers too severe for freshmen? In any caser, these are the reality in campus life.

Yommy : How to eat more mouth-watering food in CBNU
When you were a high school student, you ran to the school cafeteria for lunch at noon. However, now you are a student at CBNU. Forget the lunch time from high school. The CBNU doesn’t give lunch to you anymore like high school.




In the beginning of the term, most of the students visit Husaengkwan to have various kinds of food at cheap prices. The tip: Buy a ticket before lunch time. If you do not, you will wait in a long line to buy a lunch ticket.

The Second Student Hall



The meals at Student Hall have very low prices. Not only that, you can feel the taste of mother’s cooking in the side dishes. Student Hall provides meals three times a day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner). The general meal is 2,000 won and the special meal is 2,500 won.                




Yejiwon provides only lunch. You can eat as much food as you want. The price is 3,000 won. Yejiwon is located in front of Science Hall. The tip: you should confirm the menu through the smart phone application “CBNU.”




Jinsuwon is the restaurant for school personnel. You can eat as  much food as you want for 4,000 won. Jinsuwon is located in the building of the Law School. The tip: you should confirm the menu through the smart phone application “CBNU,” same as Yejiwon.

If you eat lunch at CBNU, you can also get coffee at a CBNU café. The CBNU Cafés are located on the first floor of the First Students’ Hall, Museum, Jinsudang, Central Library, Husaengkwan, and Residence Hall. There are many kinds of cheap coffee at CBNU Cafés, or I recommend for you to drink the kiwi juice (2,000 won).

 Geunji: Color Your Spectrum with Various Experiences!
Hi there! As you are a freshman, now you’ve got so much free time. It is easy to waste it doing nothing. However, there are so many extracurricular activities you can participate in. I first started my extracurricular activities by volunteering for the Jeonju International Film Festival when I was a freshman. I met so many people from different departments, universities and ages. Likewise, I want you to experience a lot! Why don’t you follow me?

Univ Expo Jeonju



Around May, purple booths are set up following the Old Gate’s road. Univ Expo is the festival that instructs on how to spend our campus life with extracurricular activities for three days. All events are held by students, from casting to setting up the booths. For a better festival, they spend so much time discussing. If you run this festival and see it go well, you will feel so proud!

KT&G Sangsang Univ Jeonbuk



Do you want to learn something that makes you brighter? From barista skills or music to calligraphy or squash, you can take classes from professional teachers and pay little money. Not only can you learn the skills, but it is also the best way to meet wonderful friends who share the same interest.

LG Dream Challenger

Are you afraid of your future? The LG group runs this program only for freshmen. With mentors, it gives you opportunities to think about your future. With students of the same age, you can feel free to share  worries and thoughts.

Jeonju International Sori Festival Volunteer



Many musicians visit Jeonju during the Sori Festival season. The volunteers help the show to go on well. The best thing you can feel is the atmosphere of live shows. During the volunteering period, you can listen to precious musicians’ concerts. How wonderful they are!

CBNU International Affairs’ Buddy Program



Would you like to meet foreigners? The CBNU buddy program matches you up with exchange students from many countries. You can teach them about Korean and our culture and they can teach you their own culture. How wonderful! Without spending much money to travel, you can learn about other cultures from your buddy. It also counts as social volunteering, which is worth one credit.

If you are new in Jeonju, you might wonder where you should go with your girl- or boyfriend. There are several spots you should visit! Jeonju is too beautiful to stay in a café when you are dating!

Jeonju zoo in April



While listening to the song “Cherry Blossom Ending,” walking along the zoo will be the most popular date course in April. Colorful lights make the cherry blossoms even prettier.

Hanok Village



The best representation of Jeonju must be the Jeonju Hanok Village. More than 592 million people visited Hanok Village last year. Various events are held in the Hanok Village such as free concerts.

Nambu Night Market



This place was originally famous for Chungnyeon Mall (Youth Mall). However, if you visit there on Friday or Saturday night, it is full of interesting food and culture from all around the world. With only a little money, you can try many kinds of street food. Why don’t you visit to feel the exotic atmosphere?

New downtown



The new downtown, the so-called “Sinsigaji,” is one of the newly developed towns in Jeonju where popular stores and restaurants are located. Its tall buildings and fancy signs may show you the modern look of Jeonju.

 Geonzi: informing not only how to play but also how to study at the same time.
Freshmen life often creates conflict between study and play. It also did for me when I was freshman. While I hang out with my friends, considering grades always bothers me. To kill two birds with one stone, I started to consider how to use time effectively. Now, I’m going to disclose my secret for study.

Tips on Studying Places
There are lots of studying places at CBNU such as libraries and vacant lecture rooms. Among these places, you have to decide where to go. Here are tips for you to decide where to go in each situation.

1. When you are in between classes,

I recommend for you to study in a vacant lecture room or your department’s study room. It is an awkward hour to study in the Central Library and Study Library between lectures. To use time effectively, you need to find the nearest place to study.

2. After you finish all lectures,

I recommend for you to study where you can concentrate well. That would be places such as the Study Library, the Central Library, the study room in the dormitory and your department’s study room. The most important thing is that the place you study must be appropriate for you. After the lectures, you may review all studies you learned that day. This is an important process of learning. For this, you need an appropriate place to concentrate well.

3. When it is the examination period,

I recommend for you not to study in the Central Library or the study room in the dormitory. Since these places are crowded in the examination period, it is disorderly to study there. I rather recommend for you to study in your department’s study room or in a café.

- Tips for Using Time Effectively

You may want not only to play but also to get good grades. If you are really eager for this, you have to use the time effectively. Here are tips for you to save studying time.

- Use the spare time between classes effectively
- Become close with professors
- Review all things you learned that day

- Tips on Programs in CBNU
At CBNU, there are lots of programs to help you to concentrate on studying and enhance your ability to study.

- At the Career Support Center (CSC), there are lots of programs for CBNU students to find the careers that they really want such as the Career Development Belt (CDB) and job counseling. It would help you to find what you have to study and concentrate on.
- ACE (Advancement of College Education) has several programs to enhance CBNU students’ basic academic ability. If you need to study more about primary subjects, you had better select one of the programs in ACE.
- In the CTL (Center for Teaching and Learning), you can be financially supported to learn extracurricular things through such methods as study groups and the program of ‘breeding bookworms.’ It also offers online lectures. Some professors use the online facility of CTL to enhance the educational environment.

Every university student has his or her freshman year. However, the quality of it depends on how wisely you spend it. There are things you can only do as a freshman. Try not to miss out on anything you can get! You may make mistakes, but it’s okay: you are only a freshman. Welcome to the university life!

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