Break the Rules!
Break the Rules!
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When we think of something, we have a standard pattern for doing so. But haven’t you ever thought about new, unusual things that nobody can even imagine? Sometimes, we all want to get out of the typical forms of something and find distinctive types which we find attractive. Let’s take a look at diverse, unique experiences which break people’s stereotypes!

 For Your Unforgettable Memory!
Go away, ordinary weddings! Unique weddings are becoming popular among young couples who want to enjoy a wedding like a festival. To have a memorable wedding is every couple’s wish. What kinds of unique weddings ring in the happy pair and guests’ hearts?

-Bungee Jumping Wedding
This is a creative idea of an event company in Belgium. This company developed

a bungee jumping wedding as a wedding held in the sky. A wedding takes place 50m above the ground, and only 30 guests can attend because the space of the trailer is very small. It could be an absolutely impossible wedding for people who have acrophobia. After finishing the wedding, the couple greets all the guests finally and bungee jumps nicely. To have this wedding, both the groom and bride should have courage. It won’t be forgotten if you have this in your life time at such a place.

-Underwater Wedding
An underwater wedding means that the groom and bride go into the water wearing wet-suits for scuba diving and take part in a wedding ceremony. Because it is in the water, the official’s message cannot be heard, so the wedding takes place using papers with words written on them.
This became popular when one couple in Britain held their wedding in an aquarium on February 15, 2011. They planned such an event because they wanted to have the wedding in a special way. This special wedding could be planned because James Oliver, the groom, was a diver. James Oliver, the groom, revealed that the underwater world was peaceful and tranquil and said that there were a lot of fish and turtles wandering around. Isn’t it so romantic?

-Zero Gravity Wedding
Another unique wedding was held in a zero gravity space from thousands of meters above the Gulf of Mexico for
the first time in the world on June 20, 2009. This wedding was hosted by Zero-G, which is a zero-gravity flight expert company. The couple supposedly spent more than 10,000 pounds for this wedding to make their dreams come true.
In a zero gravity wedding, the plane repeats a vertical climb and drops like a roller coaster. Passengers who are bolted up with safety pads in the plane can experience a zero gravity state at the moment of the sheer drop.

 For Your Hidden Ability!
Refuse normality! One’s own uniqueness differs from others! We will introduce a couple of unusual licenses which are not widely known to the public.

-Pet Sitter License
Recently, it seems that the number of people who raise companion animals is rapidly increasing. As the interest in companion animals is rising, the size of the industry connected to this is growing continuously. The pet sitter performs all sorts of work related to companion animals. They do various activities such as animal breeding management, education training, and handling insurance.
The examination to be a pet sitter consists of the preliminary written test and the secondary job training. After completing the secondary job training, the license is issued. The first exam to be a pet sitter was held in 2012, and the exam is administered about three times a year. Because there are various fields of pet sitter, there are no accurate annual income statistics. However, high annual income could be expected because the related industry is growing and it seems that the demand for this will increase as much. As people’s interest in companion animals is growing because of small-sized family trend, it can be said that the future of being a pet sitter who has specialized knowledge is bright.

-PIA License
Sherlock Holmes was the object of envy from many curious kids. The license that can make you to be like Sherlock Holmes is a PIA (Private Investigator Agency) license. People in this field are private detectives who investigate all sorts of incidents and accidents happening in our everyday life. A PIA does private investigation work which is within the bounds of the law for the parts that governmental power cannot reach. Demand for a private detective is coming to the foreground as a high-income-promising profession. The examination is administered two to four times a year, and the preliminary and secondary exams are both written tests. It can be said that PIA is one of the 21st century’s up-to-the-minute promising professions. Workers in this field perform specialized investigative work such as investigations into various incidents and accidents, fact verifications on unsolved cases, and information gathering. The expansion of manpower is urgent due to the limited police force.

- Brew Master license
Have you ever heard about being a Brew Master? A brew master is a person in charge of beer production at a brewery. Germany is famous for beer, so there are many brew masters there. In Korea, though, there is no curriculum for brew master. A system to be a brew master was created in order to fulfill certification courses at the specialized training institutions by beer breweries and professors. Usually, the person who has this license works a store specializing in house beer. These people are educated by the natives who take a course of study in beer brewing. It's not so common in Korea, but it is an area of potential because the Korean liquor market will develop continually. House beer specialty stores are on the rise, and they are projected to escalate in years to come. Thus, demand for brew masters is expected more and more.

 For Your Career!
Are you looking for a new job? Here are some jobs that can make your work to be more unique than any other’s. Check them out and plan your own future.

-Jury Consultant
Have you ever heard of jury consultants? Well, a jury consultant works as you can guess it literally. They usually work with the lawyers and get involved in verdicts. To be more specific, they scientifically observe jury’s behavior and try to choose jury members who are favorable to a plaintiff. They analyze which jury tends to be affected by the prosecutor. Also, they even find out the jury’s personal information such as their races, hobbies, and criminal records to recognize who is likely to decide against a plaintiff. Moreover, during the trial, they pay attention to the jury and help lawyers to effectively inquire about the jury by giving some strategies.
To become a jury consultant, you should basically acquire expert knowledge of the law. There are a lot of highly educated people and most of them majored in social psychology or law. A jury consultant is mostly affiliated with a consulting company or works with lawyers with the contract. The wage differs depending on one’s experience, but usually the income in the first year is about 40 thousand dollars.

It may seem strange that there’s a cryonicist who keeps a dead body in the freezer. A cryonicist firmly believes that the dead can be revived by cryopreservation, which means preserving a dead body in the freezer.
Here are some steps to take to keep the dead properly in the freezer. First, to minimize the damage of a cell from freezing, they extract all the blood out of the body and fill it with antifreeze. Then, it is covered with silicon oil which is about 79 degrees below zero. Lastly, it is put in a freezer that is packed with liquid nitrogen and is about 196 degrees below zero.
The Alcor Life Extension Foundation in United States is a representative foundation of cryopreservation. If you pay 28 thousand dollars, you can be a member of it. Currently, it has about 400 people as its members who are still alive and hope to be revived by cryopreservation in the future. Among them, 75 percent are men. It costs 120 thousand dollars to cryopreserve the whole body and 50 thousand dollars just for the head.
Their majors are mostly natural science, and some of them also have a doctorate. Special education or training is not required for this job. However, one who wants to become a cryonicist must have a strong belief and passion for medical science.

-Shyness Consultant
Are you shy? Do you want to be more confident? Then you should get some help from a shyness consultant. A shyness consultant is an expert in encouraging and helping shy people to overcome their shyness.
First, above all, this consultant will have an interview with the clients to figure out their confidence level, personality, and personal relations. Then, they will plan a program which will make the client become more open-minded and feel more comfortable when being with others. Also, they will help the clients to recognize that they surely can overcome their shyness. Through the program, the clients will become more confident about themselves, have better personal relations without stress, and even enjoy their social lives comfortably.
A shyness consultant works at a consultant center, hospital, or individual or group office. Most of these workers majored in psychology and obtained a doctorate. However, not only is the required degree needed, but the competence of leading a shy person effectively and experience in consulting are also required to become a shyness consultant. The wage is about 28 dollars per hour and income is approximately 59 thousand dollars per year.

 For Your Excitement!
Are you sick of the same old festivals every year? Similar kinds of festivals are always around us like flower festivals and music festivals, but there are some new festivals which are beyond our expectations.

-Cheese Rolling Festival
The cheese rolling festival is traditional and is annually held on May 25th. It takes place at Cooper’s Hill in Gloucester, England. Its tradition dates back about 200 years or even more.

Every year, thousands of spectators gather and brave competitors to chase an eight pound round of Double Gloucester cheese down the hill. This hill is very steep, so the competitors commonly have injuries such as broken bones. Still, it is a continuously popular event. The winner of the race is awarded the round of cheese they were chasing.

-Wife Carrying World Championships
A wife-carrying championship is held in April every year since 1992 in Sonkajarvi, Finland. This championship is recorded in the Guinness Book as an official sport, and it became famous. This event is derived from the bandits abducting women in villages a long time ago.
Husbands who are carrying wives during the race need to run 250 meters through the obstacles such as ponds and hurdles. The winner of this race is awarded beer which weighs as much as the weight of the winner’s wife, but their wives need to weigh at least 49 kilograms.

-Bubble Festival
The Bubble Festival takes place in Eastern Europe, like Moscow and Minsk, in late March to early April every year.
Bubbles that are used in this festival are harmless and naturally disappear by dissolving as time goes by, so there’s no need to clean up the bubbles. Bubbles can be helpful to raise children’s imagery.

-Holi Festival
Holi, one of the most important Hindu Festivals, is held in March in India. It celebrates the upcoming spring and a new year with colored spray and powder. People spray the colors all over the courtyards and streets. Only on this day, everyone from children to adults enjoys, celebrates, and feels the excitement of Holi without the restriction of their status.
The rich wish for their wealth, honor, and longevity. The rabble gets rid of stress by spraying the colors. Holi means to let go of whatever has happened and enjoy life together. Through Holi, you are born newly and happily welcome the spring.

 Uniqueness of CBNU
In CBNU, we’ve found out a special establishment and two special clubs. If you are a CBNU student, this would be helpful for your special college life.

-Women’s Career Development Center in CBNU
Just for female students, CBNU established a Women’s Career Development Center in 2003 to give them opportunities to be ready for their social lives.

As time goes by, the status of women in our society is becoming higher than before. With this situation, the center holds many job-related seminars for college women. They can get help to find their future careers through the seminars. Also, the center runs a course called ‘Women’s Jobs and Career Development’. As a practical subject, it offers students more organized knowledge about women’s career development. The Women’s Career Development Center runs many other programs like a support program for small groups preparing new businesses, an opportunity to experience army life, and so on.

-Bada Sarang
This means “to love the sea.” It is a scuba club at CBNU. Once or twice a month, members receive submergence classes. Also, in the summer, they start the summer training on Jeju Island. They can get a scuba license from IDEA (International Diving Educators Association).

This is another unique club which studies film cameras at CBNU, unlike today‘s trend of using digital cameras. In the past, it was a club studying historic pictures, but nowadays, they are taking black-and-white pictures while traveling around. They hold a photo exhibition every November, so they decide on a theme for the exhibition in the beginning of the year and go traveling to take pictures regularly. Right after they take pictures, they develop them in their clubroom.

We have now looked into many unique things that you may not have heard of before. Even in our routines, if we don’t try to find some new, original changes, our daily lives become boring. How about having an interest in something of your own which is different from others? Break the rules!

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