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Broaden Your Horizon
2013년 03월 26일 (화) 09:45:06 GLOBE globe@jbnu.ac.kr

In the unique university section, we select two sister universities. There are many opportunities to experience other cultures and expand your life overseas at CBNU, but many of our college members don’t know about these useful facts. Now, we will inform you of useful information about our sister universities. We will publish this article serially in the order of nations - America, Japan, China, France, Philippines and Australia. In March, let’s fly to America.

<University of California, Riverside>

University of California, Riverside
900 University Ave
Riverside, CA92521
Tel: (951)827-1012
Homepage: http://www.ucr.edu/

●Information About UCR
The University of California, Riverside is one of the well- known universities of California. Now, UCR, which is growing into a research-centered university, is composed of 17,000 college students (78 college course, 50 master’s course and 38 doctor’s course). The 1,200 acre campus is always covered with green grass and flowers, so we can find squirrels and rabbits on campus easily. The dormitories and campus facilities aren’t spacious, but the campus has a football field, botanical garden, and farm. In the center of campus, there is a five-meter-high tower housing a pipe organ. There, a performance takes place on Tuesday and Thursday afternoon.

●The program of UCR (University Credit Program)
In UCR, there are many programs for exchange students. Among lots of programs our college selected UCP (university credit program) for our students. It is a program in which exchange students can take and join UCR college classes with regular students. There is special qualifying condition for joining this program, though. The person who has an IBT score of 79 and IELTS of 6.0 can enroll in UCP.
Usually, an exchange student enrolls in this program to earn credits or take part in college classes, but foreign students for language study can also join this program. You can register for up to 12 credits in a term. When registering, though, it is hard to sign up for courses, especially for exchange students, because they join the class in a form of audit. Thus, signing up for courses is possible after finishing formal course registration, and some courses finish registration before they sign up for the courses.
However, there are chances. Through the pre-registration system, students in the College of Commerce can register for courses in advance, but other departments have no system like this so it’s much harder. There is another way to solve this problem, though. That’s you. You can go to the professor and show your enthusiasm about the class. Then maybe the professor will admit you. Meanwhile, the courses in the College of Engineering are unpopular, so you can register for the courses there safely.

<North Dakota State University>

North Dakota State University
Fargo, North Dakota
Tel: 701)231-8011

●Information about NDSU
North Dakota State University is located in Fargo, the biggest city in North Dakota state. This university is commonly called NDSU. North Dakota state is a good space for experiencing American culture. There is the world’s largest art museum downtown, also on Broadway Street you can see nice American restaurants and enjoy live music cafes. NDSU is composed of eight colleges and a graduate school. There are many major courses, but the popular top three courses are engineering, business administration and medical science. Among them, engineering is the most popular course of study.

● The Program of NDSU
Of course, there are programs for exchange students. When you go to NDSU in terms of being an exchange student, you can take part in college classes. Students enrolled in NDSU can register but must have certain certification. The qualification condition is an IBT 79 score and IELTS 6.0 above. After meeting the requirements, you can register for this program.
There are a few special programs at NDSU. One is the International Friendship Program. This is for both exchange students and NDSU college students. For exchange students who can’t come across new American cultures easily, NDSU students help them, and they exchange phone numbers each other. For example, they may go on a vacation together with you, invite you to traditional occasions, and introduce tourist attractions to you. Through this program, exchange students can learn and experience another country’s culture, and NDSU students can also carry out cultural exchange. Therefore, it has the effect of killing two birds with one stone. When you make the best use of them, this program will be a very useful thing for you.

● American Housing
There are three ways to live in America. The first thing is entering a dormitory in the college. Usually the selected school students stay there, but it’s too small to accommodate all students in America. Typically, freshmen and sophomores are accepted, and the junior class and the senior class stay in off-campus apartments or other areas. Only the students who want to stay on campus use college-attached apartments. The college will buy and get managing and operating rights from surrounding apartments and provide students with apartments. This is cheap in comparison to other apartments and dorms, but in some houses, students have to pay the price of gas and electricity. Additionally, they have to manage the inside and outside of the building.
The last way is home stay. Home stay is staying in a foreign house and learning English in real circumstances. Through this experience you can have an opportunity to improve language skill and experience native life, culture, and customs, so it helps you adapt to local life. In this way, in America you can select various kinds of residences. It is very important to choose the house according to the price, the term of contract, location and facilities.

These universities are new and old sister universities. We have informed you of various kinds of tips like programs, housing and university life. Now and over the next year, we will introduce useful sister universities’ information. Enlarge your experience and look at the world more extensively! Then you will find a totally different ‘you’ at one time or another.

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