For the Students!
For the Students!
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-CBNU Consumer Cooperative Association

As time goes by, greater facilities in universities and improvement of their services have been required. Maintaining a stable school environment for students is the basis for a university to do its own role in the field of education and research. Also, services offered by facilities are important to realize abundant and comfortable school lives for students. CBNU is helping school members to live comfortable school lives through the ‘Consumer Cooperative Association’. Let’s look into the ‘CCA’, which has contributed to CBNU achieving the first rank among national universities in the student service satisfaction survey conducted by the Korea Standard Association last year.

CCA’s facilities for school members were established in May last year and started off their business in September. CCA is a main body of management for school welfare facilities for students and all staff working for the university. CCA is being managed independently and democratically. It is separated from other administrative organizations in the school so that it can be run professionally. CCA is administrating six cafeterias, six markets, five coffee shops, and 236 vending machines for coffee, beverages and tissue, and is managing Hun-san Gunji house, which is a guest house for students and professors who visit from afar.
Besides this, CCA is managing other places like a book store, stationery shop, souvenir shop and travel agency to care of specific parts of student life. From these shops, students can make a group purchase of laboratory uniforms or books or stationery so that they can raise the effect of saving their money. CCA not only supports research, education and the administrational system of CBNU but also contributes to improve CBNU’s competitiveness as a model which contributes to community.
CCA reports on the managing situation on its website in an open and transparent manner. Also, it shows management results at a council regularly to guarantee its clear management.
For more advanced management, CCA put suggestion boxes in their facilities to reflect consumers’ opinions. On its website and CBNU application for smart phone, you can check daily menus for each cafeteria.
The surplus fund from its welfare business is used for scholarship, funds for development and reinvestment to facilities and other uses for school members’ welfares. Later, it is expecting to create a large refreshment place around the second student hall and expand the sport and leisure business.

<An interview with Jae-hyun Park, the head of the Consumer Cooperative Association>

What is the differentiated feature of CBNU cafeterias from those in other universities?
Food from our cafeterias is much cheaper and more delicious. Because the food is cheap, there are many people who think that we use bad ingredients. But the company caring for ingredients to our cafeterias is a member of HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point), so the ingredients we use are from hygienic and believable conditions. Also, we keep the cafeterias clean so that students can enjoy their meals in pleasant environments.

How could CBNU win the first place in student service satisfaction research?
I think remodeling the facilities and menu helped most. Increasing the number of stores and coffee shops also helped.

What do you care for the most managing the facilities?
Above all, I care for food hygiene. We are trying to make a clean environment for students and professors. When managing stores, we focus on providing brand-new goods that students especially like. That is the way we can attract students steadily, I believe.

Do you have any plans for the future?
I am planning to hold a farmer’s market regularly for the staff. From the market, they can buy quality local food. This can be a good opportunity to boost morale and contribute to the regional economic growth. Also, this will help us to communicate with the local community. Development of CCA is all up to the staff, so I came up with this plan which can be a new event for them.

<An interview with Jong-kui Park, a staff at Husaenggwan>

Which menu item do students like most?
Most of the students like Chinese food. We use quality noodles when we make black noodles and jjambbong, so they are more delicious than those of other restaurants and many customers outside of the school come to our cafeteria. Special menu items provided daily are also popular, and the middle-aged like the kinds of bibimbap.

When is the mealtime?
Lunchtime is from 11:20 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and suppertime is from 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. A normal Korean meal with side dishes is served only at dinner, but flour-based foods are always served.

What are some merits of Husaengguwan Restaurant?
Foods served here are more various compared to other universities. There are Korean, Western, and Chinese foods, and they are very cheap. The cafeteria accommodates 500 people, and we undergo a hygienic process when we cook and when we dispose of food waste.

● Jinsudang
Jinsudang is located on a bustling street in CBNU, so CCA runs a restaurant, café, and cafeteria for many students at Jinsudang.
There are a café and cafeteria on the first floor of Jinsudang. In particular, the café at Jinsudang is very famous for tastes and flavor of coffee and takes its place beside any other coffee chains. There is enough space to accommodate many students compared to the café at the student hall. Besides the café, there is a cafeteria which is equipped with various goods and snacks for students.
Jinsuwon is a restaurant which is located on the second floor of Jinsudang. It is only for professors, but some students have lunch in Jinsuwon. It offers lunch and dinner and is closed on Saturday.

● Student Hall
The restaurant on the first floor of the second Student Hall is one of the most popular CBNU cafeterias because of its inexpensive price. Furthermore, it offers breakfast, and students can choose between special lunch and general lunch at lunch time. In the case of breakfast, it is usually home-style cooking. In the case of lunch, you can eat from a diverse menu which should include very favored foods for university students such as fried rice wrapped in a thin omelet, roasted soon-dae, and curried rice. There are also more amenities in the first Student Hall. You can purchase a lot of things at the convenience store, stationery store, café, optician, and sport shop on the first floor. There are many students who buy snacks at the convenience store and have lunch while sitting on benches when they have full schedules. What about having a great memory in the university this way?

 The first Husaenggwan
Husaenggwan is in a good position for students between the College of Engineering buildings and the central library. There is a restaurant on the first floor and health center on the second floor, so many students visit Husaenggwan. Every student who paid the insurance fee can benefit from the health center when he or she is sick and needs a vaccination, so remember this.
The restaurant on the first floor is the biggest restaurant in CBNU and was remodeled in the form of a food court recently. Because of this, it is the most crowded restaurant among many restaurants which are run by CCA. You can choose various menu items (over 50); for example, a bowl of rice served with toppings, jjigae, ramen, Chinese food, and bibimbap at lunchtime. Every day you can eat a different lunch menu item. Dinner consists of home-style cooking, which is different day by day. If you agonize over where to go for your lunch or dinner, you should go to Husaenggwan restaurant right away.

● The Second Husaenggwan
The second Husaenggwan is located opposite the information and computing institute. It is nearby the College of Liberal Arts and College of Social Sciences. For this reason, many students use this facility during their break.
You should also remember that the cafeteria of the second Husaenggwan is helpfully used as a study-room and for chatters.
Gunjiwon, which is beside the cafeteria of the second Husaenggwan, is a Chinese food restaurant. You can eat very delicious Chinese food at a very reasonable price at Gunjiwon. For example, the price of black noodles at other Chinese food restaurants is over 4,000 won, but you can eat black noodles for only 2,500 won at Gunjiwon. How about going to Gunjiwon when you would like to eat Chinese food?

● Yejiwon
Yejiwon is located on the second floor of the CBNU Academic and Culture Hall. It is run during the semester but isn’t run during the vacation. Yejiwon is also a popular restaurant of CBNU because of different and delicious menu items day by day and because of the low price. Let’s go to Yejiwon for a delicious lunch!

● Cafeteria of College of Engineering
Do you wonder where students in the College of Engineering go during a break? Of course it is the cafeteria located in the center of buildings of the College of Engineering. They can go to the convenience store for snacks and other things. In particular, you can see so many students in the copy store beside the cafeteria. Students who are freshmen of the College of Engineering don’t have to go far away to go to a convenience store, but go to a cafeteria close to buildings of the College of Engineering.

● Cafeteria of College of Medicine
It is a little bit far from other facilities, but a restaurant and cafeteria are also run by CCA for students of the College of Medicine. It offers lunch and dinner in a form of home-style cooking. We hope that many students of the College of Medicine put to use cafeteria and restaurant.

Up until now, we have looked around many facilities from cafeterias to restaurants run by the Consumer Cooperative Association. Now we can realize how much the Consumer Cooperative Association tries to provide various amenities for CBNU students. Now, freshmen don’t have to hesitate to decide “Where should I go for lunch?”, “Where is a convenience store?”, or “Where can I drink a cup of coffee after lunch?” Let’s applaud the Consumer Cooperative Association’s hard work for students’ welfare and start a crisp new semester!

The Second floor of the second Student Hall

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