GLP in the Philippines, How Do You Know?
GLP in the Philippines, How Do You Know?
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Reporters’ Note

Mabuhay! The CBNU Globe went to the Philippines during the summer vacation. Our purpose was introducing a detailed GLP story to our students who are interested in English and don't know this program. GLP (Global Leader Project) is literally a language training program. To study foreign language, a student goes abroad during short period which can be chosen: first semester, second semester, summer vacation, winter vacation – whenever. In this summer vacation, all of the 150 students went to four universities in the Philippines to attend this program. We visited the University of the Visayas(UV) and Cebu Doctors’ University(CDU), which are located on Cebu, one of the four big islands in the Philippines.

 UV
UV is in a partnership with many other Korean universities. This shows their educational program was verified and systematic. Above all, the responsible manager’s passion for education was incredible.

He is making an effort so that Korean students can be good at English, and this also helps them adjust to college life. A number of Korean students belong to UV already. They are participating in educational programs which have been divided systematically. The students speak and learn English all day. They live in a dormitory which is double occupancy, with an attached bathroom in one room, and all the facilities are clean and great. I want to recommend UV to students who have a strong will. Maybe the educational program could be hard.

<Interview with Joselito F. Gullas, VP admin >
1. Please introduce your university.
UV is one of the country’s pioneering and leading educational institutions. Founded in 1919, it is the first University in Cebu and is managed mostly by Filipino educators. It is located in the heart of Cebu City. UV is manned by a body of more than 500 faculty members and dozens of administrative staff. The University offers a relevant and up-to-date curriculum. Furthermore, the university provides a challenging intellectual atmosphere that is conducive to learning, with the help of the latest state-of-the-art facilities.

2. Tell us what is superior about the instructors in your university.
Our employment process does not end with the verification of qualifications and credentials. We evaluate our instructors not only on how they handle classes but also on how receptive they are to the different trainings we provide monthly. UV believes that “to be a better instructor, one should be a good student.”

CDU is a leading higher education institution in the Philippines that has been granted autonomous status and has produced world-class quality graduates and competent professionals especially in the medical and paramedical fields of study.

< Interview with Aname A. Degamo, CDU ESL Center Manager >

1. Tell us what is so superior about the instructors in your university compared to those in other universities.
This school has its full complement of teachers who are religiously trained not only to inculcate the best learning to students but also to impart values in its application of knowledge with all honesty and integrity. Teachers are trained with the latest teaching methodologies through continuous workshops and trainings so as to keep abreast with the most recent innovation in education. Finally, comprehensive procedures for assessing teachers quarterly such as TOEIC, TOEFL and personality tests are strictly imposed to ensure competency.
2. We heard the students are allocated to different classes through level testing. Can they change their classes if the instructors are not right for them?
To guarantee students’ 100% satisfaction for quality education, they are given the chance to change classes provided that reasons are valid. Moreover, the institution believes that learning is best processed when there is mutual understanding between teachers and students. Finally, it can be a way to give students another avenue to gain experience and learn new things. However, consistency of the leveling will still be put into consideration.

 Class schedule
6 hours in a day, 30 hours in a week
Total hours are 450 hours over 15 weeks

 GLP facilities
In CDU’s case, it has independent GLP facilities like the Language Education Center of CBNU. In the case of UV, even a whole building is used as a GLP building. In addition, at the two universities, all is well air-conditioned and the heat of the Philippines does not interfere with academics.
The size of the classroom is an appropriate size to share as a community with teachers, and it is suitable for the teaching method. Also, the dormitory facilities were not bad. We couldn’t see the dormitory at CDU directly. However, in light of the GLP classroom and CDU university facilities, the CDU dormitory facilities can be expected to be good. The internal of its dormitory is tidy, and the walls were painted a pastel blue color. Finally, don’t worry about the food. The Philippines had a long colonial period, so the Philippines do not have a lot of unique foods or recipes. Most of the food has a universal flavor.

 More tips
Absolute evaluations are used in this program. Their classes basically consist of writing, reading, speaking, and listening, while they add special classes like music class and movie class. Students take an examination every week and month.
The rumor that the Filipino universities give good grades to Korean students is not true. Thanks to many class times, students can improve their grades naturally, but if they don’t try to improve in English, they will be given poor grades.
Filipinos generally graduate near 21 or 22 years old. After graduating, they live their own lives without help from parents. If Korean students have more self-reliance, they can be really good at all things even if they go to foreign countries.

 Reference website → Campus Life → Education Support → Global Program → GLP exchange student

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