Reporters’ Note I, II
Reporters’ Note I, II
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<Reporters’ Note I>

I can’t forget the memories of us

Limhyeon reporter 

Before my team left to China, the members of the team had practiced Samulnori, dance, and balloon art for three weeks, so we were already so close to each other. Finally, we went to Xian on July 15th.
When we arrived at Xian, the deadly sunshine greeted us. Xian’s summer temperature is about 36~40 degrees Celsius. Through that sunshine, we made friends with Shann-xi Normal University students, and the real schedule started.

We went to Shann-xi Normal University’s dorm. That site was our base camp. When we arrived, we were so surprised because that dorm had really bad conditions. But we accepted and endured that situation. In fact, that uncomfortable situation made us friendlier with each other. After we had a meeting time with the students from Shann-xi Normal University, we started our volunteering schedule. First, we went to orphanages for kids with disabilities. We hugged the kids and played together. I thought they needed affection, so I tried to be warm towards them. Next, we went to a nursing home. We cleaned windows and had performances for old peoples. And then, we went to other orphanages. We played many Korean games together like drop-the-handkerchief and find the candy in the flour, and we showed them balloon arts, making balloon dogs, swords, rabbits and flowers. Kids enjoyed that time, so we were also happy. Though we had a short time with the kids, some of us were crying when leaving that house

We also had cultural volunteering. We played Samulnori and made free balloon art for Chinese people at Shann-xi Normal University and Xian’s city park. Many people enjoyed our performances, so every student worked hard happily. After all these volunteering programs ended, we could start our tour schedule. To summarize, we saw the terracotta warriors and some pagodas, Hua qing chi and  the Chinese First King’s grave. On the last night, we had a farewell party. Many students of Shann-xi Normal University said friendly farewells to us. Finally, all schedules were finished and my team came back to Korea.

You get as much as you have mercy
Kim Min-ji reporter

I enjoyed my volunteering work and trip, but the most pleasant thing was that I could meet many nice brothers, sisters and friends through my campus life. This overseas volunteering was the most memorable experience. I’ll never forget my team members. I should say, “I love my team so much and thank you all. Zhenbang(真棒) team fighting!!”



<Reporters’ Note II>

You get as much as you have mercy
Kim Min-ji reporter

From July 6th to July 21st, for two weeks, I left for Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia to demonstrate Korean language and taekwondo, Samulnori, art, physical education and other education and performances. My first volunteering abroad gave me a lot of experience.

On the morning of July 6th, my team got on a bus to the airport in order to travel to Mongolia with an exciting feeling. But news that the plane was canceled waited for us. We were embarrassed for a moment, but after a while, we stayed at a guest house nearby to spend an enjoyable day and finally left for Ulaanbaatar with trembling hearts.
Living in Mongolia was much more pleasant than I thought. The sky was almost within reach and the sun was strong, but the wind was cool enough to forget the hot sun. In particular, the night scene of Ulaanbaatar was one of the most unforgettable scenes when seen from a high hill which my dorm was next to. Also, I very much missed the vast grasslands and the sky bejeweled with stars in Mongolia. In addition to this, I will never forget my pretty, nice Mongolian friends.

But most of all, the greatest gifts were my ‘Mongorea’ team members whom I went together with to Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia. From the first awkward meeting until now, we had too many memories and formed firm friendships, so now we're like a family. Practicing the performances and education, MT at Geumsansa, fireworks on the Incheon beach and two weeks in Mongolia! All the precious memories and experiences we shared together.

There is an old saying, ‘You get as much as you have mercy’. I thought that I went to Mongolia to give them something. But I realized that I received much more than I had given.

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