Park Won-chan, a brave Geonjian, arrests a pick pocket
Park Won-chan, a brave Geonjian, arrests a pick pocket
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A student
A student in CBNU arrested a pickpocket. The hero was Park Won-chan, a senior in the Department of German Language & Literature.
When a woman was standing in front of a crossing March 25th around 4 p.m., a man snatched her bag. He ran away, but he was arrested by Park Won-chan while passing by. Then, the suspect was sent to the police.
”When I heard woman’s screaming, I thought that it would be risky,” Park said, “but I decided to help the woman. Anyone who heard her screaming would do the same.”
As a result, President Suh Geo-suk gave a reward to him for enhancing the status of CBNU. He will be selected “The Student Who Enhanced the University’s Prestige” and gain a scholarship in the next semester.
Also, Deokjin police station in Jeonju will give a reward and honor his achievement.

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