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Let’s Make a Plan!
2011년 07월 09일 (토) 19:25:47 GLOBE globe@jbnu.ac.kr

When examinations are approaching, I write my plans in the prettiest notebook I have. I make plans tremendously. However, eventually I fail to practice the plans. As well as planning for the exam, when I do something, I make a rule to plan first. Before starting, I always lay grandiose schemes. I don’t consider if I can fulfill them or not when making plans. All the time, my plan turns out to be a short-lived resolve. I could hardly realize my plan even though I was sure it would be feasible.

Other people, like me, will only make plans, failing to succeed in them. However, if people have their own plans, they can do their jobs more efficiently than otherwise. The extempore work arouses your interest when you get through it well. Also, you may feel great. But in order to do unprepared things, you may have anxiety about losing something. On the other hand, once you make a fixed plan and follow it, you can feel confident to do everything.

I usually write my plan in a pretty notebook. However, if I never open that notebook, it is nothing but window dressing. You had better write your plan in big letters on a spot where you often see it. Have a definite and phased plan. An abstract plan is hardly ever achieved. After making a large plan, in order to carve a goal, you should divide it into weekly plans thereafter, dividing daily last. An extensive plan is easy to delay continuously.

Even if after many years, you will eventually obtain your goal. Making a plan is necessary work. A proper plan helps us to do work without problems, and it is a shortcut that lets us accomplish our goals. In addition, it teaches us how to manage time more efficiently.

People have equal time. People who take advantage of 24 hours in a day can get many things that they want and reach the goal first. Like the saying, ‘Any fair wind is useless to a ship that has no port to arrive in,’ after setting up a clear goal, make a detailed plan and try to realize it within a certain period of time. How about making a little plan to keep every day? Also, don’t forget to do your best to practice the proper plan.

Kim Dan-bi editor


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