Love, the Eternal Best Medicine
Love, the Eternal Best Medicine
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The world is entirely covered with signs of Spring. Lilacs bloom on the dead ground. Butterflies perform sweet melodies. Birds are singing the delight of life. All living things tell us to love. No, they praise the pleasure of love. They cry out that it is the ultimate goal in our life.
In the Spring in 2009, however, the world is enveloped in melancholy fog and heavy yellow dust. Likewise, there are severe economic crises and also wars between nations. Furthermore, our internal circumstances are dark and vague as well. The U.S.A, which advocated the global economic system, also consolidates its protective trade under the crisis. The collision between nations occurs frequently due to religious disputes or resource problems.
Spring is a season when every creature revives again following the severe winter. What we can learn from the Spring? We can learn the spirit of love, which is one of the ways of nature. If we respect our partners and love each other, today's conflict and abhorrence will disappear. Like the sky that clears up after the rain, every natural thing on the earth will rely on each other and paint transparently. The crises and disputes among the nations will probably disappear and eventually world peace will be renewed.
The warm breeze of love doesn’t just have the broad function of solving a conflict. The gentle wind of love blows through individuals and even the existence of the whole world. Thus, it makes this world wave with laughter and joy. The breeze of love changes the global village into a world worth living in. It instigates river of reconciliation and harmony to flow across the desert of distrust and detestation.
The importance of love has continually repeated itself through all ages and countries. 'Love' is adored as a key spirit in all religions, through concepts like 'Love your enemies' in the proverbs of Christianity, 'mercy' in Buddhism and a value of 'self-sacrifice(살신성인)' in Confucianism.
Also, love has become a main keyword in most art genres like popular song, literature, poetry, drama, film, etc. Therefore, the spirit of love alters the world that was messed up with greediness, jealousy, envy and enmity, making it into a comfortable space with affirmation and reconciliation.
Love is formed from concessive attitudes, positive gazes, boundless confidence and tolerance, attitudes of humbleness and respect. Love is the most key spirit that kept the history of human beings going until now. When the river of love overflows, the world becomes fertile with peace and relaxation.
Love, our daily necessity, is the theme of this issue. This issue covers cases about love. In this case, I hope you, as readers, will be infected with the ‘love virus’ and get a fever of love, so that your fever lightens the whole world.

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