Did you do something illegal?
Did you do something illegal?
  • Park Sat-byul reporter
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Student A
-copied four text books among all six books
-downloaded ☆☆ soap drama from an Internet site
-downloaded an entertainment show from an Internet site
-downloaded new songs released by Idol groups

Have you ever done the things Student A did? Then, you have to be punished. But these acts are so widespread in our society that we can’t feel guilty. This is why these acts can be tricky.
For this reason, we should know that to infringe on a copyright is a serious problem.

-What is a copyright?

Definition: According to Wikipedia, “copyright” is defined as “the set of exclusive rights granted to the author or creator of an original work, including the right to copy, distribute and adapt the work.” This can apply to novels, articles, music, theater, dance, painting, photography, video, computer programs, etc.

① Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works(BC): The Berne Convention has been renegotiated several times since its establishment in 1886. This convention is a basic treaty concerning copyright protection. It stipulated the minimum standards for national copyright legislation
② Universal Copyright Convention (UCC): The UCC was adopted in Geneva in 1952, and is one of the two principal international conventions protecting copyright. UNESCO hosted this meeting, so its convention is called the UNESCO convention.

These are international conventions regarding literary works, scientific works, artistic works, and so on. They protect the author and the person who holds the copyright.

Now, Korea has joined both conventions.

- The copyright symbol : ⓒ
ⓒ is a national copyright symbol. It is the initial letter of copyright, so the C stands for copyright. The use of the symbol is described in the United States’ copyright law and, internationally, by the Universal Copyright Convention.

From that symbol, we can know that the copyright is nationally protected. But do students have any idea about the meaning of copyright or about the convention? And do they actually protect copyright? To know about the present condition of Geonjians, we’ve carried out a survey.
Graph 1: the proportion of illegal copying of books
① over 80%(8.7%) ② 50%~80%(9.3%) ③ 30%~50(14%) ④ 0~30% (36.1%) ⑤ none (31.9%)
Graph 2: the proportion of illegal downloads of files (music, video and others)
① over 80%(33.9%) ② 50%~80%(22.2%) ③ 30%~50(15.2%)
④ 0~30% (18.1%) ⑤ none (10.6%)

As we can observe from the above graphs, about 70% of students illegally copy books, and about 90% of students illegally download content. These results show that Geonjians have little idea about copyright protection. It is an unbelievable result for foreigners because they have strong ideas about protecting copyright.
The Geonjians who will shoulder the future of Korea can’t push these problems aside anymore. In practice, they should choose the best way — to strive voluntarily for protecting copyright — for resolving these situations. We need to think and act for copyright protection.
Here is an interview with a student about copyright infringement.

As the new semester sets in, university students are busy looking for the books for their lectures. They usually copy the text books. But this act is illegal, and to do this is to infringe upon intellectual property rights.
Most students already know that copying books is illegal, but they do that act without guilt. This illegal copying has been rampant in the universities.
I also copied books illegally last year because the price of books was very expensive and the books were not used after the semester. But the copying was not clear, so I hardly recognized letters and figures. The copied books made me lose motivation about studying.
Currently, Korea has weak copyright ideas. This is reality. In an advanced county, copyright law is firm. Thus, infringement on a copyright shouldn’t occur, especially copying of books. In the future, university students will make Korean society. In particular, the students need to have a firm idea about copyright law.

Now, look at your text books. Did you lawfully pay for them?
Don’t you use pirated editions? If you do, you may again download something illegally without shame.
Many Korean students are suspected for their copyright violations.
As time goes by, cosmopolitans’ realization of the copyright is growing in the world. The lack of awareness on copyright is a big problem. We should respect others’ intellectual property rights to be a responsible intellectual.

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