Stop there, summer!
Stop there, summer!
  • Dan-bi, Woo-ram & Hyo-jeong
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The sweltering summer came again this year without exception. People walking on the street change clothes to short-sleeves and hold cold foods like ice cream and ice coffee. The air conditioners are on full blast in the buildings and there are so many people who want to eat health foods in the restaurants. The horror movies appear in theaters at last and the sunscreens are selling off like hot cakes. It is obvious there are lots of changes in our lives because of summer, so we are going to check out what the image of summer is and how can we stand the heat.

The Sun is the star that is the source of light and heat for the planets in the solar system. It is one of the essential elements in life. Though many people think that the sun emits only light and heat energy, other energies are made by it. However, sunlight in the summer makes our summertime life hard.
As you know, ultraviolet rays which are emitted from the sun damage the skin. Every time we want to go outside, we must rub sun lotion on our skin. There are two kinds of ultraviolet: ultraviolet A (UVA) and ultraviolet B (UVB). When you use sun lotion, maybe you can see the initials SPF and PA. SPF protects against UVB and PA protects against UVA. The protection effect against SPF is represented by a number. For example, SPF 50 is more effective than SPF 30. The protection effect against PA is represented by the number of +’s. So, PA+++ is more effective than PA+. When you choose sun lotion, you have to consider those numbers.

If you are asked, “Are you going to vacation in this summer?” what will your answer be? I think that almost all people would say “yes.” Vacation is a chance for us to charge energy in summer, a season that makes us tired. To contemporary workers, it is important to increase the efficiency of vacations. If summer is coming, people make a plan to go on vacation. When you plan, you must remember these three things. First, you should determine where to go. Second, you should determine how to go (transportation). Third, you should determine what to do. Additionally, one of the most important things while on vacation is fashion. Today, fashion is continually becoming more important. When you go on vacation, style is also one of the elements that you can enjoy. If you are ready to go on vacation, you can leave home to enjoy the beach, mountain, and valley, and so on.

Summer foods should not be omitted during this time. Food is very important to get over the summer. Maybe there are some people who wait for summer to enjoy summer food. One of the typical foods some people wait for is naengmyeon. Naengmyeon is a traditional Korean food enjoyed since the Joseon dynasty. There are generally two kinds of naengmyeon, mul naengmyeon and bibim naengmyeon. The noodles are made with buckwheat and kudzu. Mul naengmyeon is served in a cold beef broth or juice of dongchimi, while bibim naengmyeon is a dish of noodles mixed with red pepper paste. There are also other varieties of these foods besides mul maengmyeon and bibim naengmyeon.
Samgyetang is also a representative health food. It has not only high nutritional value and good taste, but also makes our bodies warm. It is made in that way. We should eliminate the giblets of the chicken and stuff rice, ginseng and jujubes inside the chicken body. Next, it is boiled with water and seasoned with salt. July 17th is Chobok, which marks the beginning of the dog days of summer. The middle part is called Jungbok and the end, Malbok. On those days we usually eat such healthy foods as samgyetang to help beat the heat. It is a Korean tradition passed down from the old days.


We can easily see various things about ghosts in the summer. TV programs, books and movies tell ghost stories. So what is the connection between the summer and fear? When we have fright, we get goose bumps and forget the heat. Just watch a TV program such as Hometown of Legend where various types of Eastern ghosts appear. The types of ghosts are various, from the most representative single woman ghost to the baby ghost. The Japanese representative ghost is a frozen corpse, bouncing while making a long arm. Meanwhile, vampires, which are the subject of movie Twilight, New Moon, differ from ghosts, but they also scare us. As with vampires, enjoying man’s blood, ghosts are everywhere throughout the world with various types. To beat them, we eat Patjuk on Dongji, the day with the longest night, which traditionally for exorcism. Red Patjuk is said to be for chasing away a ghost, so people sprinkle it at the gate. In Western countries, on Halloween, October 31st, some people dress up as vampires, ghosts and witches. Now, don’t be afraid about fear. How about driving this summer out with fear?

- Blue
When you hear the word 'summer', what color rises in your mind at first? It's blue! We can get cool and exhilarating feelings just seeing blue by itself. It brings up the images of blue oceans and blue sky. That's why we jump into the blue ocean or the valley's cool water, avoiding suffocating heat and hot sunlight in the summer. Also, it would be good to take on items with blue to enjoy summer by refreshing your fashion sense. Blue-colored clothes which suit well with summer look not only cool but also stylish. Pastel blue (aquamarine) is especially more attractive than a normal blue color, and it adds darkness, leaving coolness as it is. Furthermore, if you wear sensible accessories, it can be possible to express a refined and natural image.
Meanwhile, blue has images of chilliness and coldness along with the positive image of coolness, so blue's importance increases in the horror movie which is indispensible in summer. In most of the horror movies, background images are represented by black and blue colors; blue is the sky's color or an unknown color and displays a desire to draw something to the center. Thus, blue can cause enough surprise, tension and psychological excitement with a feeling of chilliness, just using blue lighting and blue color.

The summer of this year is expected to be more severe than usual. It may be hard to stand the heat just with these ways, so it is important to find the way to stand it in your own way. But, if your summer vacation plans are special and fresh, you can bear the heat. The sweltering summer won’t matter to you when you do your work things like studying, traveling or working a part-time job with your passion, which is hotter than the summer. If you find a world-shaking way to bear the heat, you had better share with your friends. It will be a cooler summer if you stand the heat with your friends, not alone. Live your summer cool and happy!

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