Rival in The World Cup
Rival in The World Cup
  • Hwang Woo-ram, reporter
  • 승인 2010.05.12 11:37
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The South Africa World Cup, which is a festival of mankind, will be held starting June 11th, 2010. Korean people only expect that the Korean national team make a good fight in the World Cup due to the memory of the 2002 World Cup. Although a good fight in the World Cup by Korea’s team is very important and interesting, other things also fascinate us. One of those is our rivals in the World Cup. The first is the rivalry among the countries.

International Rivals

-England vs. Argentina
Do you know the Falkland Islands War? It made worse the relationship between the two countries. Regarding the Falkland Islands, which had originally been a possession of England after 1833, Argentina claimed that it was their possession. That was because they got dominion over the Falkland Islands from Spain when they achieved independence from them. So, the Falkland Islands War broke out. Afterwards, these two countries have had daggers drawn at each other, and they met in the 1986 Mexico World Cup Quarterfinal. It was one of the best games in the World Cup. Unexpectedly, the first half of the game was equally matched, and they continued to the second half. Maradona of Argentina scored the first goal in the second half, upsetting the balance of the tightly matched game. This goal was foul in reality because he used his hand. However, Argentina was one step ahead of England due to the mistake of the referee. Maradona also had another goal after three minutes as he beat six other team players. Ironically, these two goals were selected as the worst and the best goals in the World Cup. Although England recovered one goal, they lost. Argentina went into next round and finally they won in the 1986 Mexico World Cup.

-Korea vs. Japan
As you know, these two countries are rivals in everything. Although these two countries didn’t match in the World Cup, they often have met in other tournaments. More importantly, they are rivals in hosting the World cup. They already co-hosted the World Cup in 2002 and took unstinted praise from many people. Japan originally prepared hosting the 2002 World Cup independently. However, knowing the situation, Korea tried to host the 2002 World Cup. Eventually, the 2002 World Cup was held by two countries. These two countries now try to host the World Cup independently. Japan applied to host the 2018 and 2022 World Cups and Korea applied to host the 2022 World Cup. Who will indeed win in the World Cup hosting competition between Korea and Japan? The result will be decided by FIFA on December 2nd.

Remarkable personal rivals

Birth: 10/24/1940 (Brazil)
Careers (Clubs)
1956-1974 Santos FC (474 goals in 438 matches)
1975-1977 New York Cosmos FC (37 goals in 64 matches)
1958, 1962, 1970 FIFA World Cup Winner
1970 FIFA World Cup Golden Ball (Best player)
FIFA Player of the 20 Century (with Maradona)
International team
1957-1971 Brazil (77 goals in 91 matches)

Diego Armando Maradona

Birth: 10/30/1960 (Argentina)
Careers (Clubs)
1976-1981 Argentinos juniors (115 goals in 167 matches)
1981-1982 Boca juniors (28 goals in 40 matches)
1982-1984 FC Barcelona (22 goals in 36 matches)
1984-1991 FC Napoli (81 goals in 188 matches)
1992-1993 Sevilla FC (5 goals in 26 matches)
1993-1995 Newell’s Old boys (7 matches)
1995-1997 Boca Juniors (7 goals in 30 matches)
1986 FIFA World Cup Winner
1986 FIFA World Cup Golden Ball (Best player)
FIFA Player of the 20 Century (with Pele)
"FIFA Goal of the Century" (1986 (2–1) vs England; second goal): 2002
International team
1977-1991 Argentina (34 goals in 91 matches)

Who is the best player in the World Cup?
As you can see from their profiles, these two players are considered as the best players in the World Cup. Pele led Brazil to win the World Cup three times. Maradona also led Argentina to victory in the World Cup. The dispute about who is the best player in the World Cup will not be finished ever.

Cristiano Ronaldo
Birth : 2/5/1985 (Portugal)
Careers (Clubs)
2001-2003 Sporting CP (3 goals in 25 matches)
2003-2009 Manchester United (84 goals in 196 matches)
2009- Real Madrid (24 goals in 26 matches)
FIFPro Special Young Player of the Year:2005, 2006
Portuguese Footballer of the Year:2006, 2007
FA Premier League Player of the Year 2007
Ballon d’Or runner-up:2007
FIFA World Player, Third Place:2007
UEFA Champions League Top-scorer:2008
UEFA Club Footballer of the Year:2008
FIFA World Player of the Year:2008
Ballon d’Or:2008
International team
2003- Portugal (22 goals in 69 matches)

Lionel Messi

Birth : 6/24/1987
Careers (Clubs)
2004- FC Barcelona (79 goals in 135 matches)
UEFA Champion League Top Scorer 2009
FIFA 2009 Club World Cup Golden Ball (Best Player)
FIFA World Player of the Year:2009
Ballon d’Or:2009
International team
2005- Argentina (13 goals in 43 matches)

In recent years, these two players have had command of football. Ronaldo and Messi achieved almost everything they wanted as football players. However, they didn’t succeed in the World Cup yet. Maybe this South Africa World Cup will be a chance for them.

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