What are your topics of conversations?
What are your topics of conversations?
  • Kim Ja-young, reporter
  • 승인 2010.05.12 11:31
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When people imagine college students, what is the first image that comes into their minds? There are a lot of images such as youth, love, freedom and finding a job. Not too long ago, the first word to describe college students was “intellectual.”
However, college students these days don't seem to care about the common sense of politics or economy. A recent survey by Korea University showed that most college students expressed concern over the controversy between Korea and Japan surrounding Dokdo in the East Sea, but they had no concrete historical knowledge about it. This cannot represent Korean college students' level of knowledge, but it tells you that they lack historical awareness and interest in Japan's historical distortion. What about you? What is the most interesting topic in conversation with your friends?

I conducted a poll to find topics of Geonjians’ conversation for a week among 200 students (100 male and 100 female).
According to the survey, when communicating with friends, Geonjians talk most about male/female friends. This reflects that students are very interested in the opposite sex and in others’ attention. Gossip about entertainers was the second topic and the last was about getting a job.
The second question was what kind of television or radio program they watched most, and the answers were overwhelmingly variety show and drama. This showed that students prefer simply having fun over getting information or improving refinement through media.
Next, to the question about frequency of watching news, thirty percent of respondents answered they watch the news every day. It is assumed that thanks to the widespread internet, many people can read articles easily. However, people who rarely watch the news or watch the news once a week occupied 40 percent of those surveyed.
To a question about current interests, they answered that they were to pile up qualifications and to get a job. This indicates not only seriously increasing youth unemployment every year but also a wrong view that the goal of university is not for studying but just getting a job.
Lastly, to questions asking students to explain the meaning of words commonly used in the news (Oedipus complex, Red ocean, Nimbi, APEC, Dumping), most students answered that they knew two or three words. Even though these words are frequently heard in the news, people who knew all the five words were just 13.8 percent of the total, which is less than half of all the people.

University students’ social participations have affected political transition through not only the 4.19 revolution but also the June democratization struggle. But now, university students’ political and social consciousness has become indifferent. They are more interested in employment and romantic relationships with the opposite sex than problems associated with society and politics. Of course the most important thing to the students is to study, because university is not a gateway for success and employment but an ivory tower in which to devote themselves to their studies. However, college students must not overlook that they are also pivotal in 21st century Korean society. Now it is time to turn your attention to the society.

<A dialogue between female students>
Girl 1: Boys like Sin Min-a so much.
Girl 2: Right! I think that men’s sight differs from
women’s sight, even if Sin Min-a is beautiful.
Girl 1: Yes! Ji-young doesn’t look pretty, but she is popular among men.
Girl 2: Yes. She is not pretty in women’s sight, but she is attractive to boys.
Girl 1: I heard that she’s really made up compared to in high school days.
Girl 2: Somehow, she seems to be a rookie with make-up. But her make-up ability is improving nowadays.
Girl 1: But her make-up looks cheap.
Girl 2: The reason is that her makeup color is so vivid. But her fashion sense is good.
Girl1: Hey, look at the couple. It’s a waste for a man to remain her boyfriend.

<A dialogue between male students>
Boy 1: Wow! The weather is really nice.
Boy 2: Oh! I want to play soccer.
Boy 1: What soccer? Let’s go see the blossoms with our girlfriends at the Jeonju Zoo.
Boy 2: You don’t have a girlfriend?
Boy 1: Right. I don’t want to have a girlfriend now because I will go to the military soon. Will you break up with your girlfriend before going to the military?
Boy 2: Yes, I think it will be better.
Boy 1: What did she say?
Boy 2: She said be careful in the army.
Boy 1: Why don’t you say to wait for you?
Boy 2: I want to. But...
Boy 1: Right…

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