Make the world warmer; Noblesse Oblige
Make the world warmer; Noblesse Oblige
  • Bae A-rang Editor in Chief
  • 승인 2010.03.15 10:56
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I recently
read an interesting article when the Haiti earthquake came to the foreground as an international issue.
It was an interview with Taylor Momsen, who is an actress in the American drama “Gossip Girl”. According to Hollyscoop and OK magazine, she was asked about good deeds in Haiti by the reporters.
“Nowadays, I’m leading a very busy life because of my recording and last season shooting of Gossip Girl, so I don’t think about it,” she said. “As you know, it’s very cool that many people performed good deeds,” she added.
Her immature remark spread through all kinds of media and netizens of domestic and foreign origin criticized it.
As such, we think it good from a moral perspective that the wealthy or public figures practice the “Noblesse oblige”. Noblesse oblige is French, meaning “nobility obliges”. According to, noblesse oblige is generally used to imply that people with wealth, power and prestige should have responsibilities. In short, the leaders in society must set examples and contribute to public welfare because they have more power and advantage than the public. It is widely spread throughout Korean society, not just in America or Western countries, that noblesse oblige is essential these days. Also, the examples led by leaders have a motivational force that helps the public overcome confusion when a country is in chaos. Thus, we want to see their good deeds and donations to Haiti. Of course, each person’s good deed is important and valuable. However, good deeds of celebrities carry quite a lot of clout. They can arouse public opinions. Moreover, they can encourage ordinary people’s participation.
Haiti’s strong earthquake killed hundreds of thousands of people and it caused over millions in financial losses. For a fleeting moment, children lost their parents and parents lost their children. They might think god doesn’t exist.
It’s time to act. Public figures have to act. If they act more and more and their contributions increase more and more, the world will be warmer.

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