Let Me Tell You Something You Didn’t Curious
Let Me Tell You Something You Didn’t Curious
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Let Me Tell You Something You Didn’t Curious

Park Yang-geon Reporter

Hello everyone! This is a new section that introduces a wide range of unfamiliar trivia. Did you hear about the “Eiffel Tower effect”? The effect is a phenomenon where initially disliked or uninterested objects that are exposed to people repeatedly, eventually gain popularity. When the Eiffel Tower was being constructed, many people opposed it, saying it was a hideous thing. But later, it became a popular tourist attraction, and still is to this day. Like this effect, we hope this section will attract a lot of attention. So, let's look at more things you may not be familiar with, but are curious about!


Do you know what the abbreviation TMI means? TMI stands for “Too Much Information”. But before that connotation emerged, TMI was known to refer to “Three Mile Island (TMI)” in Pennsylvania because there was a nuclear accident in March 1979. The misjudgment of a nuclear power plant worker led to a partial nuclear power plant meltdown. Although it did not cause much damage to residents, the incident sparked controversy over the safety of nuclear power and caused the proliferation of anti-nuclear movements. In addition, construction of new nuclear power plants was halted in the United States, and the incident also affected the global economy.


● Artist’s Shit

What do you think of the picture next to text? This is the artwork called "Artist's Shit" made by Piero Manzoni in 1961. The work consists of 90 tin cans. He said the can contained 30 grams of his poop. He made 90 pieces and sold each at the same price as 30 grams of gold at the time. The words “contents 30gr net reserved, provisioned and tinned in May 1961” is written on the can. Currently, the can is worth more than $300,000. Manzoni made the artwork for criticism and satire of art collectors who showed off their wealth. But even the artwork became their collection. With this kind of phenomenon, the saying “Be famous, and they will give you tremendous applause when you are actually pooping” was popular in Korea.


● Gi-ANT

Do you know why ants don't die when they fall from high places? An ant is so light that it has a low mass and encounters a large amount of air resistance. So it's slow to fall and has less shock when it hits the ground. Ants form a solid body structure that supports each other, which also helps to lift more than 40 times their weight. This structure is so strong that it doesn't need bones.


● Tangled Earphones

There's something that’s always annoying when I’m listening to music on the go. Can you guess what it is? Yup! Tangled earphones in my pocket. Professor Douglas E. Smith's team, who studied this phenomenon, published a thesis in 2007 titled, 'Spontaneous knotting of an agitated string'. The research shows that the probability that a string of more than 2 meters will get tangled is over 40% while a string shorter than 46 centimeters is not tangled. Ordinary earphones are over a meter long and tangled in a second, so we often experience the tangling of earphones. To reduce tangling, APPLE released earphones that increased rigidity, followed by and other companies that released earphones that had a flat shape of to reduce frictional force.


● Adolf Hitler

When Hitler was young, his dream was to be a painter. But his father was against his artistic pursuits. So he was kept from applying to art school. He made a living by selling paintings when he was an overseas student. This shows that he had some painting skills. After his father's death, he applied twice to the Academy Of Fine Arts Vienna, but he failed to be accepted. After his mother died and Hitler was left alone, he voluntarily enlisted in the German army. As you know, he became a cruel person.


● Do fish sleep?

Fish always seem to be opening their eyes. So, do fish sleep? In fact, it's hard to distinguish whether fish sleep or not because they don't have eyelids. Filled with curiosity for this subject, Tohei Yokogawa's team at Stanford University in the U.S. conducted research on the topic 'Do fish sleep?' The study shows that fish are also tired when they can't sleep. They are insensitive to external stimuli when they sleep, and the movements of the gills and fins decrease. They also have a sleeping cycle, which depends on the temperature of the water, the amount of light and feed. So, we should refrain to tapping the fishbowl, right?

Everyone! There's a British cereal called Shreddies. The cereal was a square-shaped cereal in the past. But the cereal company changed the shape of the cereal from a square to a diamond. They re-launched the cereal with a different name. The company also launched a combo pack combining the new diamond-shaped cereal with the existing rectangular-shaped bites. This seemingly ridiculous marketing has become an issue for many, and sales of cereal have skyrocketed. The company did not add any new materials. Sometimes, small ideas and change of thinking make big changes and what you assume minor may not be trivial. We hope you have enjoyed this section and hope you get inspiration!

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