Time to Do Some Spring Cleaning
Time to Do Some Spring Cleaning
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Time to do Some Spring Cleaning

Whichever season you may be in in your life, having just finished high school, or your undergraduate studies, or even if you have just graduated with your master’s degree, there are times when life seems cluttered. You’ve accumulated many things over the past years, and it’s all added up. It may be a good time to go through what you’ve collected over recent years and see what’s necessary to keep and what you can dispose of.
What are some things you can go through first to declutter your room: school books and papers, kitchenware (for off-campus students), clothes, footwear, cosmetics, and other miscellaneous things. The final things to go through would be sentimental items such as photos, certificates, travel souvenirs and memorabilia, etc.
In America and other parts of the world, a Japanese-inspired method for organizing things, called the Konmari way, has caught on. It seems to coincide well with those who want to adopt the practice of minimalism, which is essentially living with the minimum amount of clothes and other items that are absolutely necessary and letting go of almost everything else. The Konmari way shows how to thank each item for how it has served you, how you have gotten use out of it. Do you feel joy in your heart when you hold it? When you hold the item, see if it gives you, “spark joy”. If it does, you keep it and if it doesn’t you let it go.
In our material world, buying and accumulating seems to be the norm. But sometimes we go overboard. It’s good to step back to take an inventory of your possessions and ask yourself the following questions: Does this item give me joy? Do I really need this? Have I used this item in the past six months to a year? Does this item still fit me? Is this item still comfortable? Will this item be useful to me in the future?
Give yourself time to go through this process, do some research and watch a few videos to get into the mood of decluttering. Don’t be afraid to get rid of things that are of no more use to you. Living lightly helps us to live brightly. Enjoy your Spring Cleaning!

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