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G.L.O.B.E: 2018 In Five Paragraphs
2018년 12월 27일 (목) 15:45:36 GLOBE globe@jbnu.ac.kr

Chang Seung-won Editor-in-Chief


G:reat people live short
L:egends come and go
O:nly he can do what he can do
B:ye bye CBNU Globe
E:njoy 2019!

G ood things and bad things happened this year, as always, at the CBNU Globe. However, as humans are forgetful animals, we happen to remember only the good and happy memories. So, “positive” activities and events that have changed the history of the CBNU Globe will be shown below.

L ots of things can be listed but I will only talk about the activities because it will take all day to just explain what we have done this year. The activities will be divided into two categories: changes ‘inside’ and changes ‘outside’ the CBNU Globe.

O ur year began with the reporters being the models for the recruitment poster. It was the first time in years if not the only time the ‘real’ reporters became the models for advertisement posters. There were also various fun events, like the coming-of-age day, teacher’s day, and Halloween. Also a lot of effort was put into increasing the benefits of the reporters. For example, various awards and scholarships were given and the reporters got better treatment at CBNU press events, like the Daedong Festival.
B eginning is said to be the most important and difficult part of work. This year was the beginning of making better contents by venturing into various fields. Venturing could be possible due to the existence of the ‘Press/Media access’ badge. Thanks to this privilege, we could explore the CES 2018, Packdat & Passpod MOU, the Singapore Polytechnic University graduation ceremony, JUMF 2018 and many more excellent events. Also we went to high schools to teach and present how a magazine is made. Thanks to the Yummy Trail corner, reporters could report on the various restaurants near CBNU and even do collaborations with some of the entrepreneurs, like ‘Only Hands’. Lastly, we interviewed famous people from various fields like businessmen, artists, student entrepreneurs and even the mayor of Jeonju and published a book about it.

E nding this column, all I want to say is enjoy 2019 and good luck to the next Editor-in-Chief-to-be! Experience and the quality of contents are important, so always be ready to venture into new areas.

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