Geonji Square Opens New Era as Most Korean Campus
Geonji Square Opens New Era as Most Korean Campus
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CBNU has been carrying forward the project to make the most Korean campus. According to that project and the 70th anniversary of CBNU, a memorial plaza has been built and the construction finished on September 18th. The memorial plaza was named ‘Geonji Square’ to mean a place where the ‘sky stays’. The pavilion was made with various traditional architectural styles and shows the beauty of Korea. More Korean architecture can be seen along the road from the new gate to the pavilion. Those structures and trees were made and planted through the aid of monetary donations. To honor their generosity, the donor’s name is placed at the site. The objective of Geonji Square is to make it the place for communication between the university and locals. At the dedication ceremony, CBNU President Lee Nam-ho and various VIPs participated in the event. President Lee said, “This project was held to show that CBNU is a unique, ‘one and only’ university and not a common, ‘one of them’ university.”

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