Students in Off-Campus Program Shares Experiences
Students in Off-Campus Program Shares Experiences
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On September 7, a debriefing session was held to meet with the students who have returned from studying at prestigious overseas universities through the CBNU Off-Campus program. The Off-Campus program is a representative program of CBNU that trains adventurous students to learn not only courses for their major, but also learning about the local culture of the country in which they are living abroad for a while. Baek Eun-ji, whose report was selected as the best, said, “Life abroad requires a lot of courage. I was able to dispel my timid personality by singing English songs in class and asking the locals for help while traveling. The Off-campus experience was an opportunity to change my life.” President Lee Nam-ho said, “Off-Campus is a global talent training program for CBNU students who want to experience living in a foreign culture and have various opportunities. I am sure this program will encourage students of CBNU to become adventure-seeking travelers and I will continue to cheer them up.”

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