CBNU Fosters Young Technology Experts
CBNU Fosters Young Technology Experts
  • 승인 2018.11.01 15:35
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Recently, the Industrial Cooperation Foundation of CBNU, selected by the ‘Youth Technology Licensing Organization (TLO) Promotion Project’ which is driven by the Ministry of Science and ICT and Technology Transfer Center for National R&D Programs, had an opening ceremony at the CBNU Automobile Research Institute and took steps toward fostering young technology experts. The project’s main goals include revitalizing university labs, which have retained technologies transfer to private sector and nurturing Youth TLO experts through specific technical education by the Industrial Cooperation Foundation. These activities will improve corporate innovation capabilities. Lee Cheul-ro, chief of the Industrial Cooperation Foundation, said “Through Youth TLO Promotion Project, we can find solutions for employment problems and founding troubles. Furthermore, we will do our best to build a successful case and revitalize our university’s technology transfer and commercialization by constant specific technical education.”

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