The Giving Tree is Just a Fairy Story
The Giving Tree is Just a Fairy Story
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In our lives there are a lot of difficulties. The variety of difficulties may differ from person to person but as humans are social animals, many people will say that human a relationship is the most difficult. I myself do believe having human relationships is really hard these days because there is no set answer to each relationship and every human is unique. However, I did find which relationships I should avoid and I summarized it into five types. To make a long story short, all these types occur because of lack of responsibility.

1) People who don’t take promises seriously: All appointments and promises are important, no matter who the person is. Promises are made because each side agrees to do something. However, not taking these promises seriously leads to a lot of negative consequences. So, give these people three chances and end the relationship if they don’t get better.

2) People who think there is always a ‘next’ chance: Almost everybody says that to live a successful life, we must live in the present. However, that is easier said than done. Humans are lazy and always think there is a next chance. Those kinds of people never change or improve. Also, they will always ask for another chance. The problem is everyone’s tolerance has a limit. Not that many people have lots of time laying around to give them multiple chances. For these kinds of people, just tell them to find chances with a ‘different’ person.

3) People who are lazy and just keep on whining: If these kinds of people do a bit of work and then whine, it wouldn’t be that bad. However most of these cases are when they whine even before they start. Because of this whining and being lazy, other people must do the work just to keep the deadline. I think the amount of work is absolute and if one person does less, another will suffer doing his own and the another’s share. The best solution for this is just ending this relationship and not working overtime. There is no other way except if you want to do more work than needed.

4) People who only care about their lives: These people are commonly called ‘selfish’. There are a lot of these cases and most of them are not seen in plain sight. I found most of these kinds of people when making appointments. To get things done, we needed to meet to brainstorm and do work together. However, even though everybody gave up their free time to meet, these kinds of people said they had more ‘important’ appointments. However, when I found out what these ‘important’ appointments were, I was shocked. There were cases when they just needed to go on a date at ‘that particular’ time and travel or hang out with their friends at ‘that specific’ time. The best solution is always ending these relationships but if that isn’t the case just leave them the hard part of the work to do.

5) People who are busy blaming others rather than looking at themselves: Everything in the world is cause and effect. Bad consequences result from small mistakes. Everybody makes mistakes and we can learn from them. However, the problem is that these kinds of people blame others rather than fixing their own mistakes. For instance, if I punish someone for being late, the punishment occurs because the person was late. However, they think that their lives are miserable because of the punishment and me for punishing them. If they were punctual this wouldn’t have happened in the first place. The solution for this is just let them live their miserable lives and if they keep on blaming me, make the blame come true and make them more miserable.

To come to think of it, the good people make the bad people bad because of the contrast and if a favor continues, people take it for granted. You don’t have to be nice to everyone. You’re not a giving tree and you have limits. Nowadays the saying “you can do 99 things for someone and all they’ll remember is the one thing you didn’t do”, really comes to heart. There are no permanent friends or enemies, so always be wise with relationships.

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