CBNU Student Win Prizes at Innovative Ideas Competition
CBNU Student Win Prizes at Innovative Ideas Competition
  • 승인 2018.09.05 10:18
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Jeonbuk Center for Creative Economy and Innovation held a competition where participants presented ideas related to innovation. By getting awarded with the gold, silver, bronze prizes, and the grand prize at this competition, the CBNU competitors proved that CBNU students have a lot of innovative ideas. Ten teams that passed the preliminary stages competed with each other through a presentation contest. The team that presented ‘Dulle-gil activation and improvement’ received the grand prize. The team that designed the ‘broth production of manila clam’ received the gold prize and the team that produced the ‘dancheong art education kit for children’ won the silver prize. Finally, the team that produced the video content about ‘fashion trends and quality of clothes’ received the bronze prize. Ko Young-ho, head of the LINC+ said, “Our project group runs a variety of programs and we are striving to solve local social issues by implementing programs linked to industries.”

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