CBNU Law School Holds Ceremony of Hanok Precompletion
CBNU Law School Holds Ceremony of Hanok Precompletion
  • 승인 2018.06.29 14:06
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The new building for the Law School, which was a long-awaited accomplishment, held a ceremony for completing the framework of the building, at the finishing stage of the Hanok building on May 21. The new Law School which is being constructed on nine stories high, is expected to be completed this year after the completion of the Hanok-building and modern buildings next year. At the ceremony, people sealed the written prayer on the top of the ridge, which is the largest architectural rite of Korean traditional houses. President Lee Nam-ho, CBNU Law School professors, and contractor officials, participated in the ceremony. The prayer on the ridge beam is made by Choi Nam-gyu, the Dean of the CBNU College of Humanities, and is written by Korean calligrapher Park Won-kyu, who graduated from CBNU’s College of Law. President Lee Nam-ho said, “The Hanok building which started to be built last year, is now in the finishing stages. The CBNU Law School building will play a key role in upgrading the brand value as the most Korean campus and will raise the status of CBNU.”

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