CBNU employment clubs leap the unemployment crisis.
CBNU employment clubs leap the unemployment crisis.
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Recently, CBNU’s employment clubs achieved excellent results, one after another.
The ‘Gold Compass’ group won a mock investment contest of E-trade securities. In addition, Kim Jong-su(Dept. of Agricultural Economics) and Joung Da-hui(Dept. of Law), who were in employment club "Ggun", won the grand prize in an idea contest of Wanju local marketing.
Currently, CBNU operates three employment clubs: ‘Gold Compass’ in the financial sector, ‘Ggun’ for the marketing sector and ‘SCMA’ for business consulting.
The Human Resource Development Center(HRDC) supports their entry fees and operating costs and helps students to upgrade their careers for employment.
"We support the three clubs and help students to acquire various experiences,” an officer in the HRDC said. “We also expect students will improve their abilities, which can overcome a hard unemployment crisis by challenging contest exhibits.”

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