For Our Secure Future
For Our Secure Future
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Blockchain Insures Strong Security

Have you ever thought about the technology of the future? Will the high-technology be a threat or help people in future? How about security technology? Generally, security technology is divided into cyber & resource, and human security technologies. Network security, computer security, internet security, information security are all considered cyber & resource technologies. Whereas, home security, physical security and guard security are counted as physical security technologies. Let’s find out more about the future security technology.

Undeceivable Biometrics
One of the best advancements is the ease in security systems provided by the invention of biometrics. How far can biometric security technologies go? Here are five of them:

1) DNA Biometric System
Each person has a different unique DNA. The technology will go through extensive steps in recognizing the DNA of each person. First, the system will collect references through physical parts like hair, nail, blood or saliva. Afterwards, these samples will be broken into small blocks which consist of VNTR (Variable Number Tandem Repeat). Eventually, each fragment will be sorted before getting compared to different samples.

2) Vein Recognition
This biometric technique is unique since veins are inside the human body and this system should work by transmitting near-infrared light via fingers followed by the camera recording the vein patterns. The method makes use of pattern recognition to verify the authenticity of a user.

3) 2-D Barcode Scanner
2-D barcode is for identifying different products or items rather than humans. However, an amalgamation of biometric systems with 2-D barcode scanners helps in creating better and higher-level security level for identifying human beings.

4) Facial Recognition
This technology is unique because of the ability to recognize an individual without having any physical contact with a hardware device. Cameras put on the doors scan the face and match that with the database. The technology also will synchronize well with iris recognition and fingerprint identification systems, also analyzes the relative body organs for a better authentication procedure.

5) Voice Recognition
Voice tract and accent are the two factors that make every person’s voice unique. This technology is proper for home security systems. This system is less expensive and doesn’t demand heavy equipment or various sensors to check the voice.

Blockchain Insures Strong Security

Can You Guess What an Odini Is?
With the emergence of virtual currency and the search for new security measures, “blockchain” appeared. Blockchain enhances security for communication, transactions and payments between devices. First, blockchain is a decentralized ledger system, and the basis for an encrypted currency as a bitcoin. By connecting blockchain to the mobile phone, one can capture all the information regarding money transfers and deposits without having to go into the bank personally. This can be applied not only to currencies, but also to all kinds of financial transactions, from property records to stock trading. Furthermore, stock market companies can register, issue and trade shares directly in a blockchain. It also enables quick and transparent transactions without intermediaries. Second, blockchains will be used in production and distribution of energy as well as finance. With the concept of tracking and trading watt of power by owning a solar panel, one can create a Solar Coin wallet. In other words, it's an incentive for those who develop solar energy. Blockchains are especially used for energy consumption in unmanned vehicles along with supplying power to other power suppliers. Third, blockchain can be used in creating, validating digital ID cards, and producing VR passports. IT and telecommunications services company SITA is looking for ways to build next-generation travel tokens, and to check the identity of passengers at airports around the world through blockchains. Passengers will not have to carry travel documents. This also will prevent identity hacking. In conclusion, blockchain infrastructure will be utilized widely from mining site data, manufacturing supply chains, traffic data security, oil and gas businesses, and energy production, as well as insurance risk management.

Can You Guess What an Odini Is?

Everyone wants security cameras that can move and search for suspicious things by itself. This camera with artificial intelligence may come in the very near future. Scientists are planning to make an innovative AI camera- Odini. Odini is a camera that observes the whole house and monitors specific situations or any suspicious activities. When the housekeeper leaves the house, Odini can sensor it and turn on the AI mode. It will record all the activities and send it to the owner’s phone, so he can be aware of everything happening at home. Odini consists of the main camera in the center and it can perform diverse movements independently with the help of four touch-points on its transparent surface. By its free movements, it can easily avoid and escape from pets’ grasps as well as from dangerous intruders. Besides, Odini can replace a robot friend and show feelings or emotions. For instance, when the battery is low it will show its tired emotion. In front of safe and friendly people, it will be calm and when it learns something new it will be excited. Such a wonderful device is especially for those who have pets or baby in their home and who are worried about their 24-hour safety. Let’s hope this will come true and Odini will be produced soon for our safety in the future.

That super high security technology shown in movies is coming true today. For instance, a city where eye scanners can identify people wherever they go gets ready soon just as in movie Minority Report. Retail stores might not yet be able to recognize you as soon as you walk in the door the way they do in the film, but iris scanning technology does exist and is used at border control points around the world. So, why couldn’t? Many other sci-fi film security technologies come true in the future?


Shermamatova Aizharkyn, Reporter

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