CBNU Strengthens Cooperation with Vietnam Companies
CBNU Strengthens Cooperation with Vietnam Companies
  • 승인 2018.05.02 13:45
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Participants of the CBNU Office of International Cooperation visited six companies, such as LG Electronics, to discuss about employee training and internship for CBNU students.
In particular, in this visit, local Vietnamese subsidiary companies were the focus of employment for CBNU students. If CBNU recommends excellent students, these companies will accept students for internships in consultation with head offices, as well as employ some graduates.
Through this opportunity, CBNU supports various experiences for students, who could have a chance to learn internationally, and become open-minded, adventurous, and talented students.
Director Yoon Myeong-sook said, “This visitation to Vietnam is really meaningful to CBNU students. CBNU made a way for students to go and get a job abroad. Through global internship, students can leap into the wide world. Also, we would enhance close cooperation for the benefit of students.”

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