Bubbles Will Eventually POP!
Bubbles Will Eventually POP!
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Are you rational? Take the case of when a certain item suddenly becomes popular and starts getting valuable. Will you rush mindlessly like other people to get a piece of the pie? If your answer is no, it’s good for you. But if your answer is yes, it would be worthy to read this passage.
Before I start, I would like to share my definition of “a bubble”. I call an item or an event, “a bubble” when it gains sudden popularity and attention without a definite reason or good explanation. While a bubble is being formed, it isn’t a big problem. However when it pops, there are some severe consequences. A good example of a bubble popping recently, is the end of the Bitcoin craze.
When I first heard of people investing in bitcoins, I thought it was quite strange, because I already knew the bitcoin six years ago and knew it as a currency actively used in the dark web or deep web, and that it didn’t get that much attention. So I didn’t invest like my friends did, even though they kept on bragging about how much they earned. However, in the end, I was the last man standing. This was a good experience for me, and taught me that it pays to be really careful of bubbles all around me. However, this event isn’t the first and there were a lot of similar events in the past like the housing bubble (and market crash in 2008) and the company, Theranos.
I am serious about the bubble phenomenon because there are two bubbles near me that are really concerning. First, is the CBNU bubble. CBNU is a good and respectable national university in Korea. But in recent years, CBNU has been continually advertising to undergraduate students suddenly that it ranks second among Korea’s national universities and is in the worldwide ranking of universities as well. However, I doubt this. I think the expectation and attention of CBNU will become a bubble that will eventually pop. I personally feel that the high ranking was achieved by the professors and hard working graduate students. I have observed that the undergraduate students near me aren’t the model students that the university advertises. All I see them doing related to CBNU is being busy, hiking around the campus. So I think, before advertising the high rankings achieved by the graduate students and professors to get attention, and I hope that CBNU will starts taking care of the undergraduates beforehand.
The second bubble is actually myself. I think I was lucky enough to be in America for quite some time to learn and become fluent in English. Thankfully, these English skills helped me gain access to exclusive events and places, higher than I could have actually imagined. I think this is a kind of bubble, because nowadays I feel that I really don’t know as much as I’m expected to know. So I keep thinking about ways to freeze the bubble or at least make the bubble more elastic.
In conclusion, I came up with this solution: don’t be greedy and put that much effort if you want the results. This solution is nothing creative, but it’s the only solution for me now, Even though some events come by luck, in the end, the hard worker has the skills that nobody can take away from them, nor replace.

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