CBNU Holds New Korean Wave Festival in Taipei
CBNU Holds New Korean Wave Festival in Taipei
  • 승인 2018.03.02 10:42
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The CBNU CK-1 team visited Taiwan to host the "Follow, Korea" festival in Taipei, Taiwan. It was the 10th New Korean Wave Festival, which was held twice with the support and cooperation of the Taipei City Hall and 30 students from eight specialties. At these festivals, participants were able to learn more about Korean culture and felt a sense of charm from each of the regions such as Seoul, Yongin, Pyeongchang, Cheonan, Goheung and Busan, through a variety of experiences such as hanbok, Korean traditional games and performances of Korean music, and K-pop. The festival was all planned by the students of CBNU. Kim Geon, the head of the New Wave Korean festival said, "I think that students who have worked during the past few months will develop a creative and active global talent and act as a cultural bridge between the two countries through this festival."

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