CBNU is Our Bright Future!
CBNU is Our Bright Future!
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On 12th of October, our lovely Chonbuk National University turned 70 years old and a ceremony was held to honor of the 70-year anniversary. This day was significant and very important for all of us, students, teachers, professors, employee and for all visitors. Over these 70 years, so many students have received a good education and have graduated from our university.

Since 1947, the Chonbuk National University has not ceased to grow and develop. CBNU has transformed a lot in visual and spiritual appearance. Many buildings have been constructed and facilitated, countless opportunities for students had been made on-campus as well as off-campus. Overcoming many obstacles on its way of growing, now we have the best teachers, the smartest professors and hard-working students. Today a lot of students are studying at CBNU. Among them you can see not only Koreans, but also students from different countries all over the world. There are students from Asia, far east Europe, hot Africa, beyond the Atlantic Ocean- North and South America. The number of these foreign students, receiving education in CBNU, is about 3,000 people for today. Not a small amount, right?

Every year we have an international student festival, where students showcase the traditional clothes of their nation and represent their country. Unfortunately, last year I missed the chance to take part in this festival, due to by my unpunctuality, but I got a relief when I heard that this festival is held annually. Exceptionally, only this year, the international costume fashion show was held at the same time as the ceremony of CBNU 70 years anniversary, too.


I am one of the students from Kyrgyzstan who loves Korea and Korean tradition. So, I applied to study in Korea. I heard that CBNU is one of the greatest and oldest universities in Korea. Thus, I was so happy when I got accepted to this beautiful university with buildings in amazing Hanok (Korean traditional house) style. Since then, I wanted to participate in any kinds of university festivals, but despite my will, I didn’t have opportunity for it. Luckily, this year I was able to present my country at the International Students Festival (ISF) and most importantly at the ceremony of the 70th anniversary of our university. The teachers from the International Student Affairs Center helped us to prepare very well, but I was still worried about the performance. Although I am one of the foreigners, I was surprised how many different foreign students we have at the university. All participants had very beautiful and colorful costumes.

While Korean singers and dancers were performing, we were waiting our turn behind the scene. It was such an amazing and beautiful performance. My dream is to learn traditional Korean dance, so I also wanted to go to the stage and dance with them. As, I have already mentioned above, I really like all the Korean traditions and these representations fascinate me so much. Dear guests from other universities and countries, who were invited to the concert, and it was an honor for me to perform in front of them. However, the 70th anniversary happens only once in a lifetime and never happens again, it was great honor for me to participate! I’m very happy and proud that I was able to congratulate our university. In addition, I believe in bright a future for CBNU and I hope that I will graduate from this great university. I love you, my Chonbuk National University!

Zhanadilova Kanykei
Dept. of Chinese Language & Literature

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