CBNU Altruistic Groups, Voluntary Service Clubs
CBNU Altruistic Groups, Voluntary Service Clubs
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Jin Seung-yeon, Editor & Shermamatova Aizharkyn, Reporter

Oscar Wilde said, “The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.” Volunteering is one of the priceless actions that a person can do to make his or her life meaningful. It will make a positive impact not only on the volunteers, but also on the recipient and the local community. Let’s find these kindest people among CBNU students!

● Oasis, Be a Person like an Oasis in the Desert!
1. Please briefly introduce the club
The Volunteer Club, Oasis began activities as a regular club in 2005. It is the purpose of our club to make society warmer and be a little force in society by meeting people and helping each other through community service.

2. Specifically, what activities does Oasis do?
Our clubs are divided into regular and irregular service. In case of regular service, we have been working with Deokjin Children's Center for seven years. In case of non-regular service, we have many agreements with various organizations such as Green Umbrella Children's Foundation and Jeonju Volunteer Center. Through these agreements, we are supporting various activities in Jeonju like Jeonju B-Boy Grand Prix, Green Way Environmental festivals and Jeonju International Film Festival.

3. What does the club name Oasis mean?
It means “Work for people who are in difficult situations and marginalized in society. Be a person like an oasis for the thirsty lives in the hot desert”

4. Lastly, do you have any comments for CBNU students?
It is not difficult at all if you are willing to volunteer. If you do not have will, our club will raise the will to volunteer. No matter who you are, if you participate in volunteer activities, it is a great help to make a bright society.

● RCY, Volunteer from Your True Hearts!
1. Please briefly introduce your club.
We have continued to serve as a historic volunteer club for 45 years. Since there are many university RCY associations, there are many opportunities to meet RCY members from other universities. So, we can make friends with other students.
2. What activities does RCY usually do?
We are involved in volunteer activities by linking two agencies. The first is the Jeonbuk branch of RCY. At that institution, we volunteer with RCY members of other Jeonbuk area universities. We mainly lead and instruct children RCY. The second institution is the Jeonju Volunteer Center. With this institution, we are carrying out Jeonju festival activity services like distributing food in ‘Babcha,’ which are Korean mobile restaurants.
3. What do you think the effect of volunteering as college students is?
College life mainly focuses on study. In our volunteer clubs, we do volunteer activities in the countryside, and we are also able to meet a lot of people. So, I think volunteering can improve our quality in university life.
4. What is the future direction of RCY?
As the years go by, the members are increasing, but few people participate in volunteer services voluntarily. So, in the future, I will try to make many members participate in service more voluntarily. In addition with currently affiliated agencies, we plan to connect with other new agencies and volunteer activities regularly.

● Habitat for Humanity, Dream for Giving a Good Will!
1. Can you introduce yourself?
Habitat for Humanity, Dream started in 2013 and since then we have been doing activities related to fundraising through on campus and off-campus programs. It is an architectural volunteering club that gives hope to people living in harsh environments by constructing and reformatting their residential environment.
2. What are your main activities?
We are doing activities such as building and repairing houses, building walls, making floors, building warehouses, painting murals, making DIY furniture.
3. How do you select the resident who needs help?
Habitat for Humanity is a not-for-profit international organization and began in the United States in 1976 with the vision of “A world where everyone is comfortable.” It came to Korea in 1994. We are in contact with the headquarters for of Habitat for Humanity in Korea and working on the various construction in Chuncheon branch, Cheonan branch, Jinju branch and Hongcheon branches to make “A world where everyone is comfortable.”
4. Compared to other clubs, your club has a lot to do physically. How do you overcome this difficulty?
We do dangerous work on the construction sites, so to prevent accidents we organize safety education before we starting volunteering. Also, we can work without difficulty because we are together, not alone. We are proficient in instructing how to deal with various construction tools not only for men but also for women, so that they can achieve different accomplishments unlike other volunteering opportunities.

● Assemblage of Tender People, Hanwoldan
Hanwoldan is an assemblage of good and tender people. It is a movement with one soul and one purpose for all group members. As a university union of Korea Youth Association, they are conducting Aramdan for elementary school, Nuridan for middle school, Hanbyuldan which are high school students. Also, as a volunteering club, they are assisting and volunteering in various kinds of events. In addition, they have activities such as exploring constellations, ostrich farms, cruise ships, aquariums. The Korea Youth Association has a chapter in every region throughout the South Korea and CBNU Hanwoldan is the Chonbuk Chapter. There are five university associations for now. Consequently, they do activities together with these universities. In other words, you have the opportunity to expand your network to other universities as well as CBNU.

Be of service. There is nothing that harvests more of a feeling of empowerment than being of service to someone in need. So, if you were hesitating to volunteer alone, what about now trying to do it with CBNU volunteering clubs?

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