CBNU and Local Cooperation Eco-Brand Opens
CBNU and Local Cooperation Eco-Brand Opens
  • 승인 2018.01.02 17:30
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A Combined meat and beer eatery brand, created by the research results of our university, ‘Only Hands’ was launched for the first time as part of a domestic university. This is the first case that our university and local industries have joined to foster local brands and to support students' startup. There were 17 professors from the College of Agriculture & Life Sciences and Humanities and Jeonbuk Regional Agricultural Cooperatives, who participated in the project, which means that the university and the region have achieved genuine fusion. CBNU president Lee Nam-ho said, "It is very meaningful that the professors and local industries put their ideas together in order to foster local brands, support students, and startup businesses. I hope that ‘Only Hands’ will give students their dreams and hopes and become a new brand of our school that will bring vitality to our region."

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