LINC+ Students Win Creative Problems Solving Competition.
LINC+ Students Win Creative Problems Solving Competition.
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Two teams of CBNU participated in the 4th university students' creative problem solving competition and one of them won the first place. The Korea Standards Association and The Ministry of SMEs and Startups sponsored the competition. A total of 98 teams from 16 universities participated in the first round of qualification. Winners were awarded for giving solutions as 'Robot vacuum cleaner brush and caster’s form transformation' and 'Tie-up & removal of hair at docking station' for the problem given. All of the award-winning students have been trained and supported by the LINC+ project team. LINC+ cultivates creative talents needed by the local community, holds TRIZ training, action learning training and multi-discipline capstone design education courses. Ko Young-ho, head of the LINC+ project team, said, "I will develop and operate a variety of programs to foster creative talents and strengthen their job competitiveness."

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