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Meeting the Next Steven Spielberg: Chae Han-young
2017년 07월 03일 (월) 11:21:00 GLOBE globe@jbnu.ac.kr

Have you ever been to the Jeonju International Film Festival? Many exciting films of various genres can been found there. However, among those movies, there is a movie made by a young director that catches the eye. That movie is “Glimmering,” which was directed by CBNU student Chae Han-young. Why don’t we find out more about this ambitious director?


1. Your major doesn’t seem related to film directing. How did you start filming?

In 2009, I was admitted to the Department of English Language and Literature at CBNU. After studying for a while, I took time off to follow my dream, which was becoming an actor, so I worked as an actor at a theater. Being in this field, I began to be interested in film directing. After some thought, I sent a scenario to the Jeonbuk Independent Film Association and, surprisingly, my scenario was chosen. To think about it, I became a director on my first try.


2. Could you tell us about your latest film, “Glimmering”?

“Glimmering” is a film about the theme “roadkill.” It features a poor girl who recycles trash to earn money to help her grandmother. At the end of the film, there is a scene that shows a road-kill cat. This metaphorically shows the human society because people work hard just to live. Animals become road-kill because they must cross the road in order to eat the food on the other side.


3. How do you feel about screening your films at the Jeonju International Film Festival?

Some people might think that I am proud and arrogant because I participated in many festivals at an early stage of directing. However, I still think that I have much to learn. Also, I think I have a long way to go till I come up with a satisfactory result. As for my feeling about participating in the Jeonju International Film Festival, I am certainly very happy to be a part of the big festival. This festival is meaningful for me because I think it is a present for my hard work and helps me get motivated to make a better film.

4. When filming, what were your difficulties? What made you happy? Were there any funny events?

The difficulties were related to the environment. When filming, having sufficient staff and equipment is important for a good quality film. However, there was not enough capital to meet the needs. Also, because my film was a regional film, it was harder to get sufficient support. However, I overcame these difficulties and made successful movies in the end. This sense of achievement made me happy.
There were many stories related to the films. To tell a few, because of the capital problem, we once filmed a film in only one village. Furthermore, because there were not many staff members, I did almost all the errands myself. For a story related to my latest movie, "Glimmering," I had to find a road-kill cat to film. When we went to the animal hospital to find one, there was a cat that met the specifications. We were lucky because it is not every day that you find a road-kill cat that can be filmed.


5. What are your future plans? Why don’t you give us a spoiler for your next movie?

My future plan is actually quite a simple yet difficult one. I wish to make various movies till I die. Giving a spoiler for my next movie is difficult because my movies are not linked up in a story like the episodes of Star Wars. Each movie has its own unique theme. However, in each of the previous two movies beforehand, a burial scene came out. So I think there will be a similar scene in my next movie. Also, I am planning to make a more complete movie by getting more support and capital.

6. Do you have something to tell to CBNU students? Also, do you have anything more you want to tell us?

This is a great opportunity to communicate with CBNU students who also have or experienced the same worries as me. At present, we all have a lot of things to do, but we don’t have much time. This can be very stressful and disappointing. However, don’t be too pessimistic or optimistic about it and always try to find a way to solve it. To help find a way in the “rainy day” you will need a “drive” that will help you find the sunshine. My drive was that I had a specific goal and I wanted it very much. I hope CBNU students find a goal that they want very much. There will be times when you must give up on one thing to achieve another. However, despite these hard times and decisions, always be a rational optimist and keep your spirit up and have faith in yourself. Let's never give up on our dreams!

No matter what situation you are in, if you have a goal and drive, it is a matter of time till you achieve your goal. Chae Han-young has proven it by directing movies at a young age. Also, if you are a movie lover, why don’t you explore the Jeonju International Film Festival? There are many movies you never have seen before waiting just for you! Next year, you can expect something new from Director Chae Han-young. You won’t regret waiting!

Chang Seung-won, Reporter & Meimankulova Nazbiike, Cub-Reporter

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