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Look inside the Campus! - CBNU Performance CLUB
2017년 03월 07일 (화) 13:26:50 GLOBE globe@jbnu.ac.kr

How much do you know about CBNU clubs? In 2017, Geonji Report will introduce CBNU clubs divided into each department. The first to start are the CBNU performance clubs. This issue includes interviews with the heads of the Girin Theater and the CBNU Chorus and also information about the CBNU Entertainment club, Naraezit, and Sing Geonji, among many clubs. The common points of these five clubs are that they move the hearts of our classmates through performances that match the characteristics of their clubs. Now, let's learn more about CBNU clubs!

1. Girin Theater


Is there a special criterion for selecting theatrical works?
- There are times when a work is decided by a vote, but the director mainly decides the work.

Did you take the test separately to enter Girin Theater? If so, what is the selection criteria?
- Everyone who wants to be our member has to audition. The main criterion for evaluating is the degree of truth and passion about theater.

When I saw the theater, I was very impressed with the lively makeup. Do the members do it themselves?
- For more vivid make-up, we invite students from other universities to receive a workshop on its education one or two times a year. Through this workshop, we can learn how to do make up in the theater and dress up in costumes ourselves according to our roles.

What is the ultimate goal or ideal of Girin Theater?
- First, we want to go out a lot on the tournament in 2017 to inform many people about Girin Theater. Second, I would like to organize a theater that contains the social image of our time as a director. Originally, the Girin Theater was not only composed of students, but also people who wanted to play a social meaning in the student movement. I want to do a serious drama about the current social situation with the intention of these seniors.



Naraezit is the only dancing club among CBNU clubs. People who have a passion and enthusiasm can enter Naraezit whether they dance well or not. Also, this club teaches dance basics to people who want to learn dance in earnest. This club has a practice session from Monday to Thursday after school (from 6:30 to 8:30). Members mainly practice the choreography of idols like EXO, BEAST, SHINee and INFINIT, which students mostly like, and also learn various street dance forms like B-boying and hip-hop. The club usually has concerts related to CBNU events, outside invitational performances, and regular concerts.


3.CBNU Chorus


I think only people who sing well can enter the CBNU chorus. Is my thought right?
- It is not only possible for those who sing well, but it is possible if they like to sing. The singing ability may be improved by joining as a member. From the beginning, we are not a group of majors, but a group of people who love music. Anyone who has passion about music truly can come in.

When selecting choral songs, are there any criteria for selecting works?
- Because the conductor is different every year, it differs every year. The conductor appointed every year usually chooses music that goes well with the stage and can show beautiful harmony.

I think that the chorus has music with a beautiful harmony. In order to do that, the cooperation of the members is important. How do you cultivate the members' cooperation?
- Like other clubs, we go to our workshop for one night and two days and often gather. Also, cooperation is raised in the process of practicing. People who sing well usually take care of a person who lacks practice. I think it seems that our cooperative spirit grows with the heart to go together and to help each other.

Lastly, let me know if you have any comments for CBNU students.
- These days, I think there are a lot of students who are losing their composure for studying hard and finding a job. Of course, it is good to devote time to study and take jobs as students. However, I hope students have breadth of mind and participate in various school activities like club activities while we are young.

4.CBNU Entertainment


Club Entertainment is running with the concept of an agency as it is seen as in the name of Entertainment. They perform popular music that students know well. The club regularly performs a concert at the beginning and ending of each semester. Also, the club performs in freshmen orientation and college festivals frequently. It is also divided into a performance department, planning department, operating department, and public relations department. If you are interested in the entertainment world, join the club.

5.Sing Geonji


The CBNU group Sing Geonji is a compound word of Sing and Geonjisan, which is a place where our university is built. It is a representative group sound club of CBNU which was formed on May 8, 1978 and has been active so far. In March, new members are selected through the recruitment of new students. After that, all members welcome new members and have face-to-face meetings. Almost every spring and autumn, they regularly perform.

Did you learn more about our clubs? Did you also want to join these clubs? During college, which is one of the most brilliant moments in your life, it would be nice to have unforgettable memories through these clubs. In the newly launched March, how about starting your new semester with a club?

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