Professor Hahn Yoon-Bong Wins Rudolph A. Marcus Award
Professor Hahn Yoon-Bong Wins Rudolph A. Marcus Award
  • 승인 2017.01.02 10:47
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Professor Hahn Yoon-bong in the School of Chemical Engineering has recieved the 2016 Rudolph A. Marcus Award. The Rudolph A. Marcus Award was established to commemorate Professor Marcus, who was awarded the 1992 Nobel chemistry award. “Science Advances Today” gives the award to the best chemical science thesis every year. Professor Hahn was awarded the prize because he used the electron transfer theory to develop a nano biosensor to diagnose adult diseases. Hahn was also awarded the ACerS Global Ambassador prize in April last year. Currently, Professor Hahn is developing high performance nano sensors, highly efficient solar cells, and printed electronic device ink using metallic oxide and grapheme nanomaterials. Professor Hahn also got a lot of attention because two of his theses were published in “Nano Energy” in a row.

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