CBNU Students Win Idea Contest Prize
CBNU Students Win Idea Contest Prize
  • 승인 2017.01.02 10:45
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Four teams of sophomore students in the Department of Urban Engineering were all awarded prizes at the Community Forum 2016, a contest that was hosted by the Ministry of the Interior. The teams came up with ideas to activate the local community. Two teams were awarded ministry awards of the Ministry of the Interior for the idea “The People of Samcheon-dong -LAG Network-.” The other two teams were awarded the Jeollabuk-do Governor’s Award for the idea of “Won Yongbok Village story.” The students could be adventurous students, as in the school slogan, because they went outside the classroom to experience and learn executive abilities. CBNU Student Kim Ye-jin said, “I could get a lot of information about how a community works by researching the site. Also I think students can come up with ideas to make the community a beautiful place.”

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