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Fill Your Life with Adventure!
2017년 01월 02일 (월) 10:09:12 GLOBE globe@jbnu.ac.kr

There is a saying in English, “'Nothing ventured, nothing gained.” As the proverb says, it took many adventures to form the current world. In other words, humanity could develop thanks to brave adventure. However, your body is still crouching on the bed though you have already been on vacation awhile. Are you still obsessed with the idea that outside the bed is dangerous? Now, let's get out of the bed and leave for a fun adventure!

Have an Adventurous Spirit!


In the book Design a Dream by Lim Kyung-mook, there is a saying, “This world needs not only model students but also adventurous students.” In the case of our school, CBNU is promoting the slogan “Be adventurous students beyond model students.” Why does the world emphasize an adventurous life? Today, young people should keep in mind their second and third jobs according to rapid social change and increased life expectancy. Recently, Korean youths limited their dreams to ideal jobs made by adults and society. Now, Korean youths have to design their own lives by exploring what they like best and do well for preparing for their long life journey. Indeed, the companies’ demand is gradually changing. While they focused on the performance-oriented qualifications before, nowadays they emphasize how much you know about yourself and how you have pioneered your life.
Here are some of the people who have played an important role in our humanity through adventure.


- Barry J. Marshall: Dr. Marshall tried to prove that isolated bacteria are the cause of stomach disease, but he could not find a suitable laboratory animal. Eventually, he decided to drink the cultured bacteria himself, including Helicobacter, and became ill with severe gastritis. Dr. Marshall's adventurous practice was able to detect Helicobacter pylori, the cause of stomach cancer, and to save a large population suffering from stomach cancer.


- Piccard Family: First of all, the family’s adventure had a clear purpose of raising the quality of human life. One generation’s representative, Auguste Piccard, applied his principles of the stratospheric mechanism to ocean exploration to create a submersible that could penetrate into the ocean. This was the first moment when humans could dive into the deep sea and observe it. His son, Jacques Piccard, also explored the ocean floor and finally found inhabited life there. At that time, it was suggested that toxic waste would be disposed of in the deep sea as a waste-disposal solution. However, his meaningful discovery could save many creatures in the deep sea. Also, this was a great opportunity to correct people's misunderstanding of the environment. Jacques’ son, Bertrand Piccard, circled around the earth by plane using only solar energy, without using a drop of oil. He said that his flight was aimed at raising awareness of using fossil fuels and promoting the possibility of using clean energy.

The adventures of these characters have one thing in common. These acts may seem dangerous and unclear, but they are all desirable and valuable acts for moving toward better humanity with a clear purpose. 


CBNU Slogan “Be adventurous students beyond model students”


This slogan shows the willingness to cultivate talented people who have a broader and deeper perspective, outside of focusing on qualification. To accomplish this, various programs such as Off Campus, Residential College, Overseas Volunteering, and field training are being held. As the student demand for these programs increases, CBNU has created a course of “Adventure and Creativity” and also operates an integrated career management system using the program called New Silk Road. CBNU’s president said, "Model students are only good at what they are already doing, but adventurous students are talented people who pioneer themselves as persons and actively solve problems.”



What Is Your Hobby?


When somebody asks “What is your hobby?”, what is your answer to this question? Hobbies make insipid daily life more lively and energetic. Attention, students who do not have a particular hobby! How about venturing into hobbies this winter vacation which are easy to do and also fun? The first is scratch books. A pen and scratch book are the only materials needed for doing scratch books. When your hands move, every place becomes beautiful scenery, like magic, and heals a scratched mind. While concentrating on scratch books, complicated thinking, worries of tomorrow, and moods of melancholy will fly far away. A scratch book gives psychological stability and stress relief effects.
The second is calligraphy. Calligraphy is analog handwriting which can change plain handwriting into creative and unique handwriting. Calligraphy has a great attraction in that everyone can easily create handwriting. Self-study using a book is also a nice way to start calligraphy and going to a culture center or institute is also effective. Calligraphy is used in various ways such as cards and pictures and captures people’s hearts.


You Can Have Adventure in the Sports World!
① Mountain bike - Cheongwon Mindongsan: For mountain bikers, Mindongsan is a very famous place, as Mindongsan Arboretum directly opened a specially managed road and set up a signboard as a mountain bike course. It opens from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm in the summer (October to March) and from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm in the winter (November to February), except Mondays.
② Paragliding - Danyang Gliding Site: Danyang Paragliding is famous for its beautiful views and for having the largest private takeoff place. The view from the top will amaze you. It is possible to book in advance by telephone and use on-site reception, but it is good to book in advance as there are many people on the weekends.
③ Hiking - Conquer the top five highest mountains in Korea
No.1: Halla Mountain (Dongbong) 1950m, Jeju Island
No.2: Jirisan (Cheonhwangbong) 1915m, Jeonbuk Namwon City, Jeonnam Gulyeong-gun, Gyeongnam Hadong-gun
No.3: Jirisan (Banyabong) 1732m, Jeollanam-do, South Jeolla Province
No.4: Seoraksan (Daecheong-bong) 1708m, Inje-gun, Gangwon-do
No.5: Deogyusansan (Oriental Bar) 1614m, Muju-gun, Jangsu-gun, Jeollabuk-do
④ Scuba diving in Jeju Island: The best place to enjoy scuba diving in Korea is Jeju Island. In particular, Seongsan Ilchulbong and Seopjikoji in the eastern part of Jeju Island are famous for the natural beauty of the sea, where seabirds and various tropical fish live at up to 30m depth. Here you will find the best ocean view, discovering the colorful seaweed and the fish swimming between rocks and seaweed. 

Life Is Full of Journeys
Travel is an adventure to lots of people leaving their cozy and safe homes and experiencing new places and cultures. There are more special travels which will boost up your courage and confidence!


1) Penniless Journey: Penniless journey means literally traveling without money. Maybe it will sound like a foolhardy challenge; however, to go on a journey with less stuff will give numerous lessons such as the value of small things. Nothing to fear, you are still young! However, always be careful! There are some options for a penniless journey using bicycles or just strong legs. There are five tips. First, pack belongings meticulously. Second, use hitchhiking. Third, exchange labor for food. Fourth, take a small tent or ask at a police station, city hall or county office, or community service center. Fifth, before leaving, do a final check.


2) Travel alone: Traveling alone can let you focus on scenery rather than your party’s talk. Also, when limits are confronted, solving the situation alone can help you gain courage and confidence and grow little by little. To travel alone means to believe in yourself; however, always be careful! There are two options for destination: domestic and overseas. First, how about leaving on a romantic train journey? Railro is a railroad travel product, a type of pass sold by the Korean Railroad Corporation. Railro is a representative youth train journey for those 25 years old and under. People can choose where they want to go by looking at the train map. There are lots of famous tour routes. In this winter vacation, how about traveling to Gangwon-do? Gangwon-do is more beautiful when it becomes winter. Using guesthouses is also attractive when traveling alone because in guesthouses people can meet friends from various regions. Do not forget lots of benefits of the ticket issuing station. Second, how about traveling to Japan? For Japan, the rate of travel alone and free travel is overwhelmingly higher than package tours. Many tourists selected Japan as a good country to travel alone. Tokyo is an optimal city for “single culture.” It is natural eating alone in expensive sushi and beef restaurants. 


Put This into Practice Right Away at CBNU!


1) Off Campus: Off Campus is a program developing the global ability during the school year in more than one semester, including summer and winter session, learning outside the campus. Off Campus is divided into adventure type and general type. The adventure type consists of various field-type experiences. The general type has major-oriented classes of existing exchange student programs.

2) Residential College: Residential College is a new concept space that combines residence and education to cultivate human resources capable of creatively responding to changing social demands and creating knowledge and value. It aims to improve students' academic, career, and interpersonal relationships through the establishment of a learning community in a dormitory-type space, operating student self-government activities, and providing cultural activities and service programs.


3) Start-up Education Center: The center manages the business related to start-ups such as on-campus start-up education and start-up support programs, start-up spaces, and support for the planning of various events and research activities that spread the culture of student start-ups at the university. In particular, the program for supporting start-up clubs is well structured stage by stage, which not only helps students to develop their first stage, but also keeps ongoing support for the revitalization of the clubs.


4) Self-Plan Adventure Contest: This contest is to strengthen adventure competency and to discover talent. In this contest, performance teams are selected that plan actionable domestic and overseas adventure projects during summer and winter vacation. Adventure project types have particular purposes such as travel, experience, and service, which are autonomously possible adventure areas.


5) Core Competency Talent Prize: CBNU has six core competencies, and this prize is given to suitable students among these six core competencies. Among these, the adventure prize is a prize for adventurous and challenge-seeking talents who have professional knowledge and have leadership that pioneers our uncertain future.

Through adventure, you can gain invaluable experience and learn a lesson in unexpected situations. If you just stay indoors doing nothing this winter vacation because of the weather and laziness, then maybe you are losing your precious opportunity. Aren’t you curious what will change after adventure? Let’s be a big fish in a big pond rather than being a big fish in a little pond!

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