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Cave to Knowledge!
2016년 11월 01일 (화) 11:00:09 GLOBE globe@jbnu.ac.kr

The entrance resembled the gaping mouth of a shark waiting to swallow its prey as we closed in on the jagged stalactites dropping from the cavern’s ceiling. Our adrenalin began pumping as the river brought us inside the mystic and eerie silence of the past 500 million years. Darkness surrounded us and soon we were completely engulfed by the cave. This natural work of art gallery was enormous and our voices echoed off the walls. We were deep in of Baengnyong Cave (백룡동굴) and it was phenomenal! As I silently said good-bye to the daylight, I began my steep descent.
I heard “next” called from the dark hole in front of me. My heart started pounding; this entrance was not what I had expected at all but I swallowed my fear.

Once everyone was inside the cave, we explored the passages and holes around us, continuing to pass interesting rock formations along the way. We crawled on our bellies under a 40-ton rock. Then I saw it, wow!! The piano- shaped stalactite, a huge stone Pillar, and a stalagmite looking just liked a fried egg was amazingly structured. Only ankle-deep but icy surface of the water still causing an adrenaline rush. I took my first step in and screamed along with everyone else at the numbing cold.

We stopped at a long and narrow tunnel. I crawled in but soon turned back because of the narrowness, but a few others continued on. Then Min Sung our Korean guide, told us to turn off our flashlights so he could crawl into a small hidden area a few feet away, and scare the others coming back. It was classic- The guys screamed painfully high, and everyone laughed.

As we progressed through the cave we stopped to look at the sleeping bat; luckily the only one we saw. Min Sung told us a story about two boys who on Thanksgiving came into the cave to explore, but when their flashlight burnt out, were stuck. Because they were too scared to look for a way out, they remained in the cave for three days. When they finally got out, they thought they had missed Christmas because time had felt so long. We were all glad we had flashlights and backups.

As we walked through, I saw an opening that was large and dark, but filled partially with water. By now we had gone through the whole cave. We walked back the way we came. This walk seemed even more endless than the others, but finally we were out, and started getting warmer. Hello to warm sun and dry pants!

Baengnyong Cave (백룡동굴), located in Pyeongchang

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