About Making Choices
About Making Choices
  • 승인 2016.11.01 10:42
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When I write “Desk Column,” it is always a challenge for me to find a good story that will inspire the readers. To make that happen, I usually jot down every idea that I think is worthy of being a topic. However, a lot of times, the thought of “writing the best column I could” drags me to procrastinate until I could finally decide, “This is the best that I could come up with!” While I was preparing for this month’s “Desk Column,” I was binge watching a TV show called Orange Is the New Black. It is quite a popular show regarding women’s federal prison and the lives of its respective inmates. Before I watched this program, I actually had a pretty good material that I wanted to write about. Nevertheless, the procrastination I underwent brought me to this new idea that I want to share.
"A person shouldn't do something out of obligation. If you're gonna do it, do it because you want it," says a person in a prison uniform from the program. The situation behind this sentence is a bit complicated, but the meaning itself can be applied in so many other ways. While we journey through life, there are decisions that we have to make. In that process, like the quote mentioned above, what matters the most is the person’s intention. However, many times, it is neglected. A decision that is based on obligation has some problems. First, if you do something out of obligation, the motivation toward the goal is weak. In comparison with obligatory work, work that involves one’s desire has completely different motivation. This is a very important matter and can be seen in our lives, too. During the under-age period, there are always obligations from everywhere, and this is pretty serious in Korea: parents, teacher, friends, social atmosphere, environment and so on. After becoming an adult, the young generations forget about who they are and what they want because of the obligations and their effects, like early competitiveness and pressure, that they get from the society. This is vital for the young generation of this era and this country. When this concept is especially adopted in a crucial situation like finding a vocation, it is awfully important to follow your heart. In addition, the size of the dilemma or a problem does not matter. Starting your own independent life can be adapted to anything. For example, choosing what to wear, eat, think, love, and read can all be a starting point to be courageous to follow your own heart without any obligation.
Many people will agree with the fact that “Life would be so much easier if we did not make any wrong decisions.” Since we do not want to make any mistakes, it takes a certain amount of time and effort to make the right decision. While it is being processed, there are factors that have to be considered before making any judgment. From this column, I strongly suggest you consider the source of the choice. Is it from inside you? Or is it from outside? Have faith in what you believe in and be responsible for your choices.

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