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The Inescapable Web, Webtoon!
2016년 11월 01일 (화) 09:39:27 GLOBE globe@jbnu.ac.kr

We usually call Autumn the season of reading. These days many people read comic books more than stories such as novels, essays, and so on. Along with the development of the internet, the cartoons previously printed on paper are being provided on the internet. We call these “webtoons.” Do you subscribe to any webtoons? Have you ever bought an emoticon based on the webtoon characters? Nowadays, webtoons are everywhere.

● Hey, New Face! Who Are You?
“Webtoon” is a combination of two words “web,” meaning internet, and “cartoon.” It is a term which means a long vertical image file format of cartoon. However, webtoons in various forms have appeared besides the basic form. You can see webtoons not only on the internet but also on mobile applications nowadays. Here is a first example of the new form, “Smart toon.” “Smart toon” is a new form which is specialized for mobile services. When you see this webtoon on a mobile device, you do not have to scroll down through the images. If you touch the screen, it moves to the next image. Smart toons are good for expressing exigent situations or making people surprised. Another new form of webtoon is the “cut toon.” A “cut toon” is also specialized for mobile services. One cut goes onto one screen. Therefore, the readers should scroll the image aside instead of scrolling down the images. The next one is the “relay webtoon.” Several webtoon artists take turns in drawing webtoons with one specific topic. If one artist draws a webtoon to certain point, the next artist makes stories connected to the previous stories. Almost every summer, many webtoon artists draw relay webtoons with one topic, horror. They draw their own stories under the larger theme. On the other hand, the webtoon artists can make one story together. For example, the Korean comic variety show Infinite Challenge conducted a relay webtoon project.


● Webtoon Is Everywhere!
Nowadays, a webtoon does not finish in itself. Though a webtoon is a cartoon which is provided on the web, it is often published in a book. Besides, the webtoon can be made into a movie or a drama. From this point on, let's see how it can be turned into another work of art.



1. It Turns into a Movie or a Drama!
There are many movies and dramas made from webtoons. When the production is confirmed, there are many controversies about the casting because the webtoons are so popular. Some dramas or movies failed at the box office since the adaptation got negative reviews, like it was worse than the original webtoon. However, in spite of the controversies about the casting, some works receive high viewer ratings thanks to the strong plot, which arouses sympathy and outstanding acting abilities. Misaeng and Cheese in the Trap are examples. The successful cases are increasing, so the trend of adaptation is expected to continue.


2. The Webtoon Goods Are Appearing!
Goods based on webtoon characters appear. The webtoon artists design the products with webtoon characters such as T-shirts, socks, cushions, tumblers, and so on. Most of all, the emoticons used on the messenger services like KakaoTalk are released a lot. People really like to use the emoticons because they have various facial expressions and motions. 



● People Who Love Cartoons at CBNU!
There are many people who love cartoons at CBNU. We met Park Geon-yeong, the leader of the cartoon club Green Tree, to hear the detailed story of the activities they do.

Q. Could you explain about the club Green Tree?
- Green Tree is a club where people who love cartoons get together and share their hobbies. We do comprehensive activities. Some members draw cartoons personally and teach other members, and some members write stories instead of drawing. During the campus festival, we set up a booth about drawing caricatures. Moreover, we collect our individual works under the theme of the year and make a bulletin.

There are many people who do not read books but watch webtoons. Thus, webtoons are easy to come in contact with and have a lot of fun with. There are many genres of webtoons and they have not only interesting points but also impact and lessons. Why don't you watch webtoons when you need a rest during a busy day?

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