The Dorm is Not Just a Place for Sleep
The Dorm is Not Just a Place for Sleep
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“There is no end to learning.” This is a famous quotation which shows we have much to learn. So where should students look to find various learning opportunities? There is a program called RC (Residential College) at CBNU that meets this need. The RC program gives various chances to learn something new. Also, it is possible to do it in the dormitory! Let’s see what this RC program is all about, shall we?


● Behold! RC program
RC stands for “residential college.” The main purpose for this program is to make the dormitory into a learning place so you can keep learning even after school ends. RC programs are operated on floors and in groups. There is one mentor and several mentees in each group and there are several of these groups on one floor. RC is divided into six floors: humanity, venture, communication, art, echo, and sports. Students on the humanity floor do volunteer work with elementary kids. Venture floor students hear presentations related to start-ups and plan to make their own start-ups. Students on the Communication floor prepare presentations and hold TEDx lectures. Art floor students hear art-related lectures and experience various art activities. Echo floor students learn about farming and take care of vegetable gardens. Finally, Sports floor students learn horseback riding and Korean archery. Benefits: RC students can board at the school unconditionally and get extra points when participating in the Off-campus program. Also, certificates are rewarded by the CBNU president to excellent students and there are scholarships.
Caution: students have to get 12 points each semester to pass the RC program and keep on participating in it.



● An Interview with Professor Bu Sang-don, Head of the RC program

1. Who can participate in the RC program?

Because there are some guidelines participants have to follow, freshmen who are willing to participate passionately are recommended. There are lots of various events to participate in, so I hope students learn a lot through these experiences.

2. What is the biggest merit of RC?

RC provides whole-person education to students through various activities like volunteer work and cultural experience activities. So freshmen can easily adapt to the new environment and have a prosperous campus life. RC is such a beneficial program that Harvard, Yale, Oxford, and even Yonsei University offer it.

3. Do you have any advice for freshmen?

RC is a good system to build skills and character, and CBNU is the first domestic national university to hold this program. Students are able to make many relationships with other students in this program. Some students might think this program is time consuming. However, I think this is a challenge that, if overcome, helps build the student. Only hard workers can taste success.


● Two interviews with RC Participants

-Student A from the Echo floor

1. Are you satisfied with RC?
RC is great because there are many events and RC participants can go into the dormitory without any conditions.

2. Tell us one merit and one demerit.
The biggest merit is that you can stay in the dormitory and the demerit is that if you are not an outgoing person, it is hard to make new friends.

3. Do you have any programs to recommend or any advice?
I recommend for freshmen to go to the Communication floor because that floor is very “active.”

-Student B from the Sports floor

1. Are you satisfied with RC?
RC gives me small pleasures when I’m bored staying in the dormitory, so I’m pleased with this program.

2. Tell us one merit and one demerit.
Boarding in the dormitory is the best merit and the demerit is some pressure to get all 12 points to pass the program guideline.

3. Do you have any programs to recommend or any advice?
I really recommend for students to try Korean archery because it is very exciting. I hope students try various activities to get their desires fulfilled.

Only CBNU freshmen can participate in the RC program, so it is a one and only chance for CBNU students. You can also make many friends and learn new knowledge. The program is dedicated to students, so the schedule is based on students, which means that it’s not time consuming. Freshmen! Why don’t you try this spectacular program!


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