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Adventurers Who Get Out of the Campus
2016년 10월 31일 (월) 15:46:18 GLOBE globe@jbnu.ac.kr

A university student, both in name and reality, can learn from the real world outside of school. CBNU has contributed to developing students’ outdoor experience. Now, the “Off Campus” program has become the representative international exchange program of CBNU. Are you ready to be an adventurer?

● Nice to Meet You, My Name Is Off Campus


Starting from the last semester, the Off Campus program has fascinated CBNU undergraduates. The Off Campus program aims to cultivate students with a global mindset by educating with a practical and professional curriculum. Furthermore, the program provides them with foreign cultural experiences overseas for off-season semesters as well as on-semester. Every CBNU student who has more than one remaining semester after completing the program can apply.
In the Off Campus program, students can experience four main activities. They study their majors more deeply, have language trainings, and experience cultural exchange. Moreover, they do voluntary services overseas and have field placement.

You Can Also Make an Off Campus Program!


Off Campus programs consist of four compositions. The first Off Campus business is the development of an Off Campus program with sister universities. Recently, CBNU reached more exchange agreements with universities abroad in Vietnam, China, the U.S., and so on. As a result, undergraduates have more opportunities to study deeply than before. Developing the existing program is the second Off Campus business. Students are dispatched through programs like internships, field placements, and overseas voluntary services. The third Off Campus module is made by departments and colleges. In this part, professors make programs that are related to the lectures and major studies of each department and college. Probably, the most interesting Off Campus program for students is the last module. These Off Campus activities are suggested by students. Each student can choose the most appropriate programs for themselves and make their own Off Campus program.

Do You Have Questions? Read This!
According to the CBNU Office of International Cooperation, the most common questions are below. For more information, visit the website

Q. Is it possible to repeat the Off Campus application?
A. You cannot apply to the same language region twice. For example, if you have already been to the U.S. through the Off Campus program, then you cannot study in the U.K. However, if you did not apply to the same language region, you can repeat the application.

Q. What is the competition rate?
A. Usually, the number of applications depends on the type of program, so the competition rate is uncertain. Furthermore, it is confidential, so it is hard to say.

● An Interview with Lee Ha-song, a Student in the Department of International Trade and Commerce


① What kind of Off Campus program did you participate in?
Last summer vacation, I joined the Off Campus program “CHINA SILK ROAD – CBNU: When Seeking Challenge, the Answer is the Road.” This was the third module Off Campus program, which was suggested by a professor. Visiting almost ten cities, I carried out cultural exchange, and it helped me think about the role of Korea as the hub of East Asia.

② What was the best memory about the “China Silk Road” program?
China was so huge that whenever I visited another place, I could not help being surprised. In particular, At Mt. Mingsha in Dunhuang, the huge desert overwhelmed me and I rode a sand sled there. It was so awesome! Although I did many other things in China, I cherish the memory of the sand sled in Dunhuang.

③ Since coming to Korea, what has been a remarkable change for you?
I tended to be afraid of the things that I had not experienced before. However, in China, I had to solve the Off Campus missions. After that, I could be more confident at doing new things and meeting new people. Now, I realized the messages that Off Campus gave to me.

④ Do you have any suggestion for a better Off Campus program?
My first Off Campus program was quite excellent! However, some schedules were too tight to have enough time to rest with friends. I hope that next time participants can have more time with their friends.

Unlike the Residential College (RC) program, all undergraduates as well as freshmen can participate in the Off Campus program. Books also give us precious learning, but experience gives the more vivid lessons. This November and upcoming December, the winter and first-semester Off Campus program selections are scheduled to occur. If you want to be an adventurer, try it!

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